Woman charged with allegedly stealing $10,000 worth of products from Shell station in Ripon | New


A Poy Sippi woman is facing felony charges for allegedly stealing more than $10,000 worth of goods from Shell’s gas station in Ripon, as well as methamphetamine possession charges.

Stacey Anderson, 38, has been charged with theft of personal property between $10,000 and $100,000 (a Class G felony) and possession of methamphetamine (a Class I felony), according to a criminal complaint signed last week Friday.

On Jan. 18, police were asked to address an employee theft issue at the Shell gas station, which is owned by Condon Oil, and said Anderson stole lottery tickets and scratch cards, the complaint alleges. .

Law enforcement reviewed a live feed of security footage from the store and saw Anderson put scratch tickets in her purse, then play the scratch tickets and withdraw the winnings from the ledger, court documents show. .

Police also allegedly saw a drug transaction taking place between Anderson and an “individual well known to the officers”.

When Anderson left her job, authorities conducted a traffic stop and brought her to the police department for an interview, the complaint states.

During the interview, Anderson reportedly admitted to having gambling and substance abuse issues, and said she stole from the gas station because a new employee was given a job she wanted, but that she had not obtained.

“The defendant said she began stealing as an act of revenge against Condon Oil/Shell for not giving her the job,” the complaint states. “The defendant discussed how long she took scratches and wins, saying sometimes she paid for the scratches.”

During the traffic stop, police found a hypodermic needle and a crystalline substance that tested positive for methamphetamine, according to court documents.

Authorities reviewed surveillance footage of Anderson’s shifts between December 2021 and January 12, which showed she removed scratch tickets, food, cigarettes, gasoline, money and other items without paying, according to the complaint. The items would have been combined for a value of $10,109.57.

If convicted on all counts, Anderson faces up to $35,000 in fines and 13 years and six months in prison.


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