Wadena-Deer Creek Approves Replacement of School CCTV System


At the June school board meeting, CTO Vince Hinojos and Middle / High School Principal Tyler Church spoke of the “woes” of the current system. Church described the cameras as lacking in functionality and the others as “useless”. The videos are accessible to authorized persons, and only via a specific computer at the school.

Research for the new system has shown how videos can be viewed remotely, with better picture quality and without having to watch hours of footage for a few moments. The district replaces 64 cameras in middle school / high school. Wadena County also uses the Tech Check system.

While the camera quality sits at four megapixels, this is a much needed improvement over the previous system, as Hinojos said. The cameras are expected to last 10 years.

The equipment, materials and installation of the camera will cost $ 49,575.63. A three-year subscription and hardware with the Meraki system were to cost $ 41,424.80. Installation fees delayed the council’s decision. Rather than a subscription, the Tech Check system is a one-time license fee that can include up to 100 cameras. The district is reportedly interested in additional cameras outside, although no new cameras are planned. The district could use capital or long-term maintenance funds for the facilities.

Elementary principal Louis Rutten said elementary cameras are set for a bit longer, although this requires accessing videos through a digital video recorder.

WDC baseball team honored

As section champions and state tournament participants, the baseball team was thanked for representing the school and community well during their successful season. With crowded stands, thrilling finals and team cheer, coach Kyle Dykhoff described the championship game as a “baseball game for the ages.”

“It’s been a long road to get to where we did this spring,” Dykhoff said. “These guys have been in the program from Little League start to Babe Ruth to college and it’s pretty special to see them break through. We had a lot of teams that were extremely close to the State Tournament and we got to taste it and this team ultimately succeeded. ”

The team also thanks the parents, coaches, referees and the community for their support.

“I’m proud of what we have (with WDC baseball) and what these kids have accomplished this season,” said Dykhoff.

11 teachers welcomed

With the largest group of new teachers in his time as principal and superintendent, Lee Westrum and the board welcomed 11 teachers. There are eight new elementary teachers and three middle / high school teachers.

Teachers complete their orientation and work with teacher mentors.

Wadena-Deer Creek School Board Member Barb Tumberg welcomes new elementary school teacher Andrea Skillingstad on August 16, 2021. Rebecca Mitchell / Pioneer Journal

Wadena-Deer Creek School Board Member Barb Tumberg welcomes new elementary school teacher Andrea Skillingstad on August 16, 2021. Rebecca Mitchell / Pioneer Journal

The board also approved:

  • The hires of Trent Becker (Director of Transportation), Lydia Rutten (C volleyball coach), Val Christensen (goaltender), Abby Lenz (elementary paraprofessional), Grace Christianson (Cheer coach) and Sheena Hagen (elementary paraprofessional).

  • The retirements and resignations of Greg Kramer (Director of Transportation), Kevin Tendall (Bus Driver), Doug Jones (Bus Driver), Tony Uselman (Bus Driver), Heather Lehmkuhl (Elementary Paraprofessional) and Tawni Kyllonen (elementary paraprofessional).

  • Pay district bills totaling $ 761,001.06.

  • Accepts donations of $ 31,324.08 for FCCLA sports, fishing team and national travel.

  • Sponsorship of the Concern for Youth program for $ 2,790, which helps children stay out of the legal system. The program partners with Todd-Wadena Community Corrections for K-12 students. Youth worker Dan Huebsch meets with students weekly, although Church said he was very flexible and would meet with students as many times as needed. He also shares presentations on topics such as vaping, sexting, internet safety, bullying, and being a positive community member in area schools. Schools and cities fund the program.

  • Student manuals for elementary and middle / high schools. The textbooks are available on the school website.

  • 2021-22 membership in the Minnesota State High School League for approximately $ 4,500. The final cost depends on the number of participating students. The cost has declined from last year’s $ 6,325, which was high due to financial losses with the league due to the pandemic.

The board also held a closed session on a purchase contract for the Deer Creek school.

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