Viral video showing surveillance camera visible in dressing room mirror sparks debate


A viral video showing a surveillance camera clearly visible from a dressing room mirror has sparked debate.

The video was uploaded to TikTok on October 18 by Nallely Valencia (@naeevalencia), who wrote: “I know I’m not trippen [sic] & that’s absolutely not allowed. ”The post received over 640,000 views and almost 38,000 likes.

According to the post, the footage was recorded inside a Windsor clothing store in Modesto, California.

“Wow I’m so angry I literally noticed when I put my clothes back on,” the video’s text overlay read. Here, the camera zooms in on the surveillance camera which is reflected in the mirror.

“You mean they watched me undress,” reads the text overlay of a Snapchat image used in the video.

Legal news site Dopplr previously reported that only 13 states prohibited the use of “surveillance systems” in locker rooms. One of those states is California.

However, in states where surveillance cameras are permitted in locker rooms, surveillance “should be carried out only for loss prevention purposes,” Dopplr said.

“Anything other than this is illegal and would result in a heavy fine for the store,” the website added.

Given that the camera spotted in Valencia’s video is seen through the dressing room mirror, it’s unclear whether the camera was actually located in the dressing room or downstairs. It’s also possible that the camera was monitoring another area of ​​the store and not, as Valencia hinted, monitoring the changing rooms.

Some reviewers have even argued that the camera could be a fake.

News week contacted Valence for comment.

Still, some commentators were horrified to be watched while changing.

“That’s why I don’t try things in stores anymore,” Alicia2Vega831 said.

“It’s so scary and who knows how many people have changed and it has gone unnoticed,” Rav commented.

But many argued that there was nothing to fear.

“It’s in almost every clothing store not to spy on you changing but for theft,” one commentator said.

“It’s literally facing the cold the other way around,” Jesse2091 commented.

Dro asked, “How do you know he’s facing the dressing room? No hate, just ask.”

Valence did not respond.

When a TikToker user named Mild argued that all clothing stores monitor their locker rooms, one commenter responded by saying, “No, they don’t. It is literally illegal to record someone. [chaning]. “

When Mild doubled down on her comment, the other commentator doubled theirs as well.

As mentioned earlier, locker room surveillance laws vary from state to state.

News week contacted Windsor for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

A viral video that shows a surveillance camera clearly visible from a dressing room mirror has sparked debate.
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