US Army Base Day Care Re-launches Biometric Monitoring System



The U.S. military continues to research the impact of facial recognition surveillance on children at a child development center in Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

A solicitation for the project was originally issued (and reported) in November 2020 with a closing date of December 5, 2020. The new tender appears to be largely similar, but was released on August 27, closing on the 25th. September 2021.

The one-year solicitation contract outlines how the center was tasked with “demonstrating the success or failure of implementing commercially available video analytics and other artificial intelligence approaches to camera systems. centers in Fort Jackson, SC, Child Development Center (CDC) to assess the effectiveness of new approaches to monitor the health and well-being of children in the CDC.

The Scales Avenue Center in Fort Jackson, which has CCTV and is monitored by personnel, is reportedly equipped with a facial biometric system in the hope that it “will improve the quality of life for military personnel and families, reduce base costs and improve mission readiness ”. according to demand.

A successful bidder will be required to demonstrate the capabilities of their system and assess the business case for continuing AI surveillance.

Much attention will be paid to this project, assuming awarded, in the United States and overseas.

AI bias is a well-worn argument against the deployment of blind algorithmic surveillance. Others, wary of technology in schools, see an uncomfortable expansion of technology being deployed in federal prisons.

Another party sees facial recognition in schools as a way to reduce student violence, abuse of students and staff, and mass murder on campus. It can also avoid the need for physical identification to access facilities and information.

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