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Rogersville Director of Public Safety Travis Fields told the Mayor’s and Aldermen’s Council on Tuesday that he will move forward with upgrades to existing CCTV equipment at Rogersville City Park.

Although the city park has had surveillance cameras for several years, Fields said it hasn’t been working properly for some time.

“I think we could fix that for a small fee,” Fields told the BMA on Tuesday. “We actually need to have this monitoring system here at PD. It must be placed in the shipment. Matthew (Elkins), the park manager, and I have talked about this before, and maybe even adding some cameras to it, where the dispatcher can see this. That way, when there are issues or things are called, they can see firsthand what’s going on.

Fields added: “The system is already there. I think it should be put to good use. »

Dispatchers are on duty 24/7 and there is room in the city dispatch office for a few monitors, Fields noted.

Alderman Mark DeWitte noted that when a public inquiry was conducted in preparation for the creation of the park’s 10-year plan, among the top two concerns reported for the municipal park were bathrooms and security.

“Having the ability to look at the park is what the public was concerned about,” DeWitte said. “I think it’s a good thing that we’re moving forward.”

In other police departments, New Fields reported to the BMA on Tuesday that a speed display trailer telling motorists how fast they are going is expected to be delivered around March 1.

The BMA approved the speed display trailer at its January meeting, with the cost not to exceed $6,000. Fields reported the cost at $5,900.

In addition to showing motorists their speed and flashing that speed as they accelerate, the equipment also compiles traffic statistics to help police departments plan and patrol problem areas.

The supplier will provide someone to give the RPD training on how to operate it.

Rogersville, TN

February 8, 2022


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