Ultivon E100 test: Battery-powered surveillance camera with motion detection and alarm


The Ultivon E100 Security Camera is a battery-powered pocket camera that can be placed virtually anywhere

For such a small camera, the Ultivon E100 surveillance camera has a lot of features. Equipped with a 6000mAh battery, this camera can be placed anywhere. You don’t need a power supply to monitor your surroundings – just a Wi-Fi signal.

The camera body is about the size of a cigarette pack and fits easily in the hand. Its dimensions are 93 x 65 x 38 mm and it weighs 191 g. Still, inside the camera there is a PIR motion detection sensor and a 080p HD camera. It also has a two-way microphone.

To configure the camera, first charge the battery. It takes about seven hours to fully charge the E100 camera.

Install the Adorcam app from the App Store and connect the camera to your app via the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. The app easily connects to the camera using a QR code and the app has some useful features.

Helpful voice prompts tell you that you should see a flashing red light when the camera is ready to connect to Wi-Fi, and how far away the camera from the QR code generated by the app to connect the camera. camera to the app.

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The app also contains details on how to mount the camera to the outdoor bracket and fix it to the wall. You should mount the camera 7-10 feet high for added security.

This camera is not cloud compatible. It uses an SD card to store its images which are then accessible via Wi-Fi. The SD card is located on the back of the camera, protected by a silicone cover, which is not attached to the camera and could get lost.

The cover protects the power switch, USB charging port and SD card, and is easily accessible from the back of the camera. IP65 certified, the camera is weatherproof but not waterproof, provided you have replaced the silicone cover after charging the camera

The app advises you to bring the camera and phone to the location to test the strength of the WI-FI to assess if the location is a suitable location for Wi-Fi coverage.

I have found that when I first set up the camera on my desk in the office, the Wi-Fi signal ranged from good (not recommended for mounting the camera) to excellent (recommended for mounting the camera) – although the router was less than one meter from the camera and mobile device.

The app settings allow you to turn the camera on or off, automatically turn on night vision, and turn the light on and off to make the camera unobtrusive.

Each camera has a power manager setting that you can configure for optimal battery life, optimal monitoring, or customize recording time and detection types.

The optimum battery life will only record human movements with video clips up to 10 seconds long, while the optimum monitoring setting will record video clips up to 30 seconds long and record everything. what moves the camera.

Other settings allow you to adjust sensor sensitivity, audio, alarm, and microphone volumes. You can also activate home, away or disarmed mode. Away settings can be configured to record a video, send a notification to your phone, and trigger an alarm.

The alarm is very loud for the size of the camera and will activate as soon as the PIR detects movement in the camera. The audio is clear with little distortion and few wasted words. To speak through the camera microphone, view the live feed and press and hold the microphone icon to speak to the person on the end of the camera.

In use, I have found that watching the live stream drains the camera’s battery, as does recording longer video clips. Night vision is good and the camera will detect movement up to about 30 feet.

It’s painful to disconnect the camera to recharge it every few days, and in areas with high movement, which resulted in a lot of video being recorded on the card, I had to recharge the camera every day.

However, the app has a Wi-Fi power level and battery level indicator, which you need to monitor to be able to charge it accordingly.

Overall, the Ultivon E100 camera is a nice compact camera that doesn’t rely on the cloud for video storage and can be mounted almost anywhere.

Keep an eye on battery levels to make sure you’re there to charge the battery when it’s low and you can relax knowing that the Ultivon E100 battery-powered security camera monitors your area day and night and sends alerts motion detection to your phone.


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