Tarboro expands its high-tech gunshot monitoring system


As residents grow increasingly concerned about shootings in recent months, Tarboro city leaders have authorized an expansion of the city’s surveillance camera system to 50 cameras.

Journalist: Keenan Willardweb editor: Marc BerginJob — Updated

Tarboro plans to build a new citywide network of surveillance cameras in response to the gun violence. Wrs Kean Willard shows us the impact. Police hope this will happen for violent crimes. The police here in Tarboro already have a few eyes in the sky, but they are about to give their crime-fighting technology a major boost and some people living here are hoping it will make the whole area safer. Annette Waller has lived in the Tarboro area for decades. She says the recent changes have started to worry a lot at Prince Field, but she’s not alone. City leaders say that in recent months they have heard an increase in community concerns about gun violence. This is how they plan to fix it. It’s true? There’s a device uh, for a camera system that we’ve been building over the last year and a half. As of 2020, Tarboro operates 13 police surveillance cameras as part of a pilot project. City leaders say that after recent community concerns, they are stepping up that effort. We now have a plan in place which will expand to approximately 50 cameras across the city which will include license plate reader cameras as well as gunshot detection technology which will hopefully help us identify even faster shots than we do now. The city manager says the system will cost about $500,000 in US bailout funds and they hope to have it online within a year. Police chief says shootings are down overall in Tarboro since last year, but cameras have helped solve several crimes in recent weeks certainly offer another level of crime fighting that will help us solve some of these cases and even to prevent. Some residents feel the cameras can’t come soon enough. I mean it’s hard to know someone is shooting and you don’t know who it is and you don’t know where that bullet is aimed at you. So, uh, it makes people feel a lot safer. Kingdom Willer Wrl Tarboro News.


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