Tarboro City Council Hears Report on Surveillance System Project | Local news


In an abridged agenda from the last meeting of the calendar year, Tarboro City Council members closed the 2018 fiscal year Community Development Block Grant Neighborhood Revitalization Program and heard a final report.

Board members were informed that the program activities were completed and included two reconstruction projects and three rehabilitation projects. All of the projects involved low-income households.

Council members learned that upon successful completion of the CDBG-NR, the city is eligible to apply for other programs emanating from the state Department of Commerce.

Council members also received a preliminary report on a public oversight system for the city from Police Chief Jesse Webb.

Webb said his department is working with community partners, as well as the council, to set up cameras in targeted areas of the city.

He said the cameras installed have worked very well so far and have been very helpful for public safety.

He said he has drawn up a preliminary plan for a possible gradual implementation of a city-wide public surveillance system.

He said that ultimately the goal is to improve public safety in the community and to be a tool to prevent, detect and solve crime.

He called the system “very robust technology” and said it could be linked to the city’s existing fiber optic system, which would eliminate annual recurring charges.

Webb’s report described the 12 existing cameras in town and included the addition of 16 more, which would provide a total of 112 different camera angles.

Managing Director Troy Lewis said the mere presence of cameras has proven to be a deterrent at Pinehurst Homes.

“Having residents know there are cameras in play has helped reduce (crime),” he said.

Webb cited the Project Greenlight project in Detroit as a guide and said the cost of a three-phase implementation is estimated to be around $ 405,000.

In other matters, counsel:

  • Scheduled a public hearing on the annexation of the Starbucks development at 106 River Oaks Drive, north of the recently opened Cook Out fast food restaurant. The annexation request was made by TNV Capital LLC of Raleigh. The public hearing will take place at the regular council meeting on January 10, 2022.
  • Approved an amendment to the audit services contract with Flowers & Stanley LLP, extending the completion date to February 28, 2022. Managing Director Troy Lewis said Flowers & Stanley performed all audit work remotely due to COVID restrictions. He told council that the extension would not negatively impact the city’s compliance with the state’s mandatory reporting requirements.


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