Surveillance system helping the Framlingham College hockey team


Framlingham College has installed video technology, a first in the UK, to aid the performance of its hockey players and to broadcast matches live.

The system, from 360 Sports Intelligence, uses 12 cameras placed around the perimeter of the college’s artificial field, allowing games and training sessions to be viewed in 360-degree high definition.

The college is the only school in the UK to have the system – something director of hockey Jamie Kingstone sees as an asset for training and learning.

It is hoped that the technology will benefit the school’s students in other sports, including cricket and rugby. Photo submitted by Framlingham College. (52133538)

He said: “The advantage of seeing the game on film is that the camera shows it exactly as it happened, not as the players, or even the coach, remember what happened.”

Each student has access to the system with their own identifier and can watch their own reading via an application, while allowing teams to review their game in real time.

For parents and supporters unable to match or watch the live broadcast, the system automatically produces a set of highlights that can be systematically viewed in the Fowler pavilion on the site and shared on college platforms.

A spokesperson for the university said: “We know parents are frustrated when they cannot come and watch their children play games. This live broadcast gives a certain visibility to parents in their country or abroad.

It is hoped that the revolutionary technology, which also includes ball tracking, will benefit the school’s students in other sports, including cricket and rugby.


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