Surveillance equipment stolen from vacant building


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A reward for returning the stolen surveillance equipment hangs on the fence outside the old McDonald’s building on South Main Avenue.

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Theft of surveillance equipment from the old McDonald’s building on South Main Street resulted in a large “CASH REWARD” sign appearing on the fence that the thief used to climb to gain access to the property.

Charlie Snowder, owner of MVW General Contractors, said the theft occurred on the evening of Monday, October 11. The next morning, when he returned, he realized that a thief had taken away a recorder, camera, DVR system and other equipment.

Snowder is offering a $ 500 reward for returning the equipment, no questions asked. There is also a $ 1,000 reward available for the arrest and conviction of the person responsible. The phone number on the panel is 760-535-8823.

“It looks like the person (s) climbed the fence using buckets,” Snowder said. “The McDonald’s building had no doors, which made it easy for the thief.”

The contractor said the renovated building on the property will be used for commercial office space.

Snowder reported the incident to the Sheriff’s Department. Detective Ronald Bushnell said there was no lead to work, but was awaiting a response from the video recording company monitoring the videos produced by the equipment.

The property is located across from Grocery Outlet, Kahoots and Dollar Tree. The old McDonald’s building is being renovated into a new office complex.

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