St. Cloud PD Looking to Purchase Trailer Camera Surveillance System


ST. CLOUD – The St. Cloud Police Department may soon have a new tool to help them tackle crime. The ministry plans to purchase a new trailer camera surveillance system.

Deputy Chief of Police Jeff Oxton says it will give them the ability to put a camera in parts of the city that they haven’t been able to until now.

It has a telescopic tower that will rise and elevate the video camera systems above the ground so that it can capture a large area with very high quality video capabilities. So that’s something that we can bring anywhere and set up and add a video presence to that event or that area that we want to cover.

Oxton says an example would be having him at Summertime By George.

He says that because it is very visible and well marked, they could also park it in an area of ​​town that has seen a spike in crime as a preventative measure as well.

Oxton says video is becoming increasingly important in solving crime.

So this does exactly that, it gives us the option to put cameras where we don’t have any, where maybe we don’t even have power sources to install cameras, we can install this . What I really like about it is the deterrent effect also of having very noticeable that there is a video recording going on.

Camera data is stored locally on the trailer and can be accessed remotely.

St. Cloud City Council is being asked to approve the $ 60,000 purchase at its Monday meeting. Oxton says the trailer could be here and be in use in just a few weeks.

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