Specifications of the Dahua Technology HAC-ME1200D-LS surveillance camera


System overview
The Active Deterrent Series provides a multidimensional system that links video with audio, information and alarms to check for potential hazards. The active deterrent camera can actively warn intruders with a light and speaker, alert users in real time with an alarm over coaxial cable, and provide visual verification with HDCVI video.


Active deterrence
Active deterrence involves actively warning intruders with a white light and loudspeaker even before users are aware of the impact. Once an intrusion is detected, the white light will come on and the speaker will ring to alert the intruder. White light can be set to normally on or blinking, speaker content is configurable.

HDCVI technology inherits the feature born out of the simplicity of the traditional analog surveillance system, making it the best choice for investment protection. The HDCVI system can seamlessly upgrade the traditional analog system without replacing existing coaxial cabling. The plug and play approach enables high definition video surveillance without having to set up a network.

Smart lighting
The camera is designed with IR illumination for better low light performance. Smart IR is a technology for ensuring uniformity of brightness in the B / W image under low light. Dahua’s unique Smart IR adjusts to the intensity of the camera’s infrared LEDs to compensate for the distance of an object and prevents IR LEDs from overexposing images as the object approaches the camera.

4 signals on 1 coaxial cable
HDCVI technology supports 4 signals to be transmitted over 1 coaxial cable simultaneously, i.e. video, audio *, data and power. Two-way data transmission allows the HDCVI camera to interact with the XVR, for example by sending a control signal or triggering an alarm. Additionally, HDCVI technology supports PoC for build flexibility.

* Audio input is available for some HDCVI camera models.

Long distance transmission
HDCVI technology guarantees long-distance real-time transmission without any loss. It supports up to 700m transmission for 2MP / 5MP / 8MP HD video via coaxial cable and up to 300m via UTP cable.

* * Actual results verified by on-stage testing in Dahua’s test lab.

Protection (IP67, wide voltage)
IP67: The camera passes a series of strict dust and soaking tests. It has dust-proof function, and the case can work normally after being soaked in 1m deep water for 30 minutes.

Wide Voltage: The camera allows ± 30% input voltage tolerance (for some power supplies) (wide voltage range), and it is widely applied to outdoor environment with unstable voltage.


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