SPD makes public request regarding information on private surveillance cameras – Sheridan Media


The Sheridan Police Department recently stated as an organization that the residents of Sheridan have always been willing to help other members of the community and the SPD. The ministry recently announced the launch of a new program and is asking for help from its community.

The SPD understands that many Sheridan residents and businesses have cameras on site recording video footage. The department would like the community to know that the video footage could help solve a crime, but investigators may not know the footage exists or it may not be known that the crime is being investigated to suggest it. To fill this gap, the SPD Detective Division is soliciting information in an effort to create a contact list of video sources throughout the city of Sheridan.

SPD Leader Travis Koltiska told listeners to Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse program that Lt. James Hill is actively compiling the list of volunteer contributors.

Chief T. Koltiska

The SPD invites the community to share contact information and images their camera has captured. In the future, if one believes a camera may have relevant footage, one could be contacted by the SPD and asked about any existing video.

Chief T. Koltiska

The SPD would like to clarify that it does not ask for login information or access to a camera system. The SPD will only use surveillance footage provided by private sources to investigate crimes.

The department believes this could be a technique for the SPD and the community to continue to work together in an effort to prevent and solve crime in Sheridan.

To join or if the public has questions, contact Lt. James Hill at [email protected] or 307-672-5605.


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