Solanco Board Approves $120,000 Replacement Surveillance System | Community News


When: Solanco School Board meeting, August 1.

What happened: The council agreed to purchase a new district-wide monitoring system after a presentation from Jason Sauders, chief technology officer.

Background: There are nearly 400 cameras in the buildings of the district, as well as 15 network video recorders processing the information. The camera system was installed by Solanco IT and maintenance staff with significant cost savings. Due to recent changes in federal law, upgrades and replacement parts for this particular brand are not available.

why it matters: Sauders warned that the current system could fail at any time.

The cost: Sauders recommends using Open Eye, which would provide the platform with hardware and software for a one-time cost of $124,776.

Quoteable: “We’ve saved a lot of money over the years and have a very robust system,” Superintendent Brian Bliss said.

What happens next: The council has authorized the purchase, with installation to take place as soon as the equipment arrives.

Other events: The new district website was launched on the day of the meeting. It is designed to be easier to use and more informative.

Next meeting : The next school board meeting will be held at Quarryville Elementary School on Monday, August 22.


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