Sanger police use surveillance system to help prevent crime


SANGER, Calif. (KSEE) – Sanger Police are having success with their enhanced video policing program. The department added additional state-of-the-art surveillance this summer and the cameras are now leading to arrests and crime prevention.

“If you are going to do things in Sanger, we have another tool to apprehend you if you are committing crimes against people and property,” said Lt. Jason Boust of the Sanger Police Department.

What started with a few cameras in parks and around the police department, has grown into a real-time traffic and crime surveillance network throughout the city.

“In a short period of time, we used it several times to prove and disprove the crime. We have had a few instances where people have reported street racing. We stopped the vehicles, checked the cameras. They weren’t running, ”said Boust.

He said their cutting edge software and dozens of cameras would shoot in strategically placed locations. They can search for suspects and specific vehicles based on everything from hair color to paint jobs.

“Let’s say it’s a red vehicle and what I wanted to check out last night would be all the red vehicles that have passed through that intersection,” Boust said.

The department recently used the technology when a suspected reckless driver spun instead of stopping. Instead of a life-threatening pursuit through town, cameras captured the driver’s license plate and he was subsequently taken into police custody.

Boust said technology has helped both solve cases and build cases against criminals.

“If this camera system can help save a person or if we can prevent crime with it, then I think it’s a worthwhile endeavor,” he said.

He said some people have raised concerns but are not using the cameras to spy on anyone or to catch runners at red lights at intersections.

The ministry plans to expand the monitoring program in the future.


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