Saginaw Police Obtain New Traffic Cameras and Surveillance System | New


The Saginaw Police Department plans to purchase a new surveillance system and have more eyes on the streets after a severe summer.

Detective Sergeant Matthew Gerow is the Public Information Officer for the Saginaw Police Department.

“I think it’s great that Saginaw is at the cutting edge of technology that other larger jurisdictions already have in the United States,” said Gerow.

The agency will have new high-definition traffic cameras with license plate readers thanks to a federal grant.

“It came from the Department of Justice, a grant through them. Fully funded by them, it didn’t cost the taxpayers of the town of Saginaw a dime,” Gerow said.

The cameras will be placed throughout the city. Gerow said they would help the department solve the crime and help locate the missing people.

“You already know the license plate, you can enter it into the database computer and it will go through all the cameras and see if this vehicle has passed and at what time, where this person may have been” , Gerow mentioned.

Gerow wants residents to know that the sole purpose of these cameras is to reduce violent crime and general crime.

“It’s not something we’re doing to violate anyone’s Fourth Amendment on the right of illegal search and seizure. It’s just transparency and it’s just to make Saginaw safer,” Gerow said.


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