Registry of surveillance cameras configured with Pleasanton PD


PLEASANTON, CA – The Pleasanton Police Department is asking the community to register their security cameras on the department’s system in an effort to prevent crime or help solve a crime

“This is a valuable tool that our community can use,” Sergeant Robert Shuffield said, “and will significantly benefit our investigative efforts. Time and time again, thanks to the help of our community , the surveillance video gave our detectives the clues they needed to crack the case.”

Residents and businesses can register. Being in the system does not give police access to your camera, the department said, but they can ask you to share footage if they think it might help an investigation.

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“Knowing where security cameras are installed around Pleasanton can help us solve cases and lead to convictions of suspects captured on video,” the department said.

The department says recording your camera only shares your information with law enforcement.

Find out what’s happening in Pleasantonwith free real-time Patch updates.

Visit the department website here to add your camera to the system.

To request removal of your name from an arrest report, submit these required elements for [email protected]

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