RDARS opens manufacturing facility in Pickering ON


RDARS Inc., an autonomous robotics and drone technology OEM developing advanced autonomous drones and robotic systems for augmenting and monitoring alarm systems, has opened a manufacturing facility in Pickering, Ontario for the production of its Eagle Eye and Eagle Nest products. This achievement underscores the company’s commitment to manufacturing its products in Canada.

“We see that the pool of highly skilled technological labor required for this advanced manufacturing process is available in Canada, and we are proud of this milestone we are taking. To be able to say ‘made in Canada’ is an honor, and we believe that the stability of Canada, without all the risks of geopolitical turmoil and supply chain disruptions, is important to RDARS at this stage of its evolution,” said said the CEO of the company. and director Charles Zwebner.

Both products are part of the Eagle Watch platform and are very quickly joining advanced drone, artificial intelligence and robotics technologies in the Canadian market.

This milestone is another essential part of RDARS’ continued accelerated growth.

Source: RDARS Inc.

The new facility represents an important step in the company’s development process, according to Zwebner, as the company will produce 20 systems immediately. These will be immediately deployed to selected locations for testing purposes to obtain certifications for flying beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) missions with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Transport Canada.

Canada is a major player in the aerospace and defense markets, and RDARS is set to contribute to the sector by developing advanced technological systems. The company’s flagship product, the Eagle Watch platform, includes Eagle Eye, drone, Eagle Nest, drone station, Eagle Rover, indoor robotics system, and Eagle Watch Command & Control software.

RDARS is a disruptive technology that redefines the security industry’s approach to property protection, introducing protection with autonomous artificial intelligence systems that enable real-time response, situational awareness, verification , intervention, evidence recording, data capture, analysis and immediate downstream transmissions. to public security agencies. RDARS has the capability, in the event of a real-time security breach, to receive, analyze and transmit the data and notify public safety agencies of the identity of the perpetrators before they arrive at the property.

Eagle Watch Platform

Eagle Watch is composed of a drone, a drone station and an indoor robotic system called Eagle Rover and a software application called Eagle Watch, which acts as a command and control environment to manage, maintain and control all remote systems worldwide. The Eagle Watch platform represents a departure from current commercial drone systems, as it was designed specifically for automated alarm response and provides a high degree of situational awareness at a fraction of the current cost of any competing technology. Enterprise and government end users can rely on Eagle Watch to provide immediate alarm response, on-demand patrols, scheduled patrols, and archived video for later analysis or historical requirements.


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