Rajnath Singh: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh launches 75 AI-enabled military products

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday launched 75 new military products based on artificial intelligence and said India wanted world peace but would not be left behind in the technologies needed to protect the nation.

Speaking at the inaugural ‘AI in Defence’ (AIDef) Symposium and Exhibition, Singh spoke about making India a global hub for artificial intelligence and hoped the products would open up new business opportunities as they have dual-use applications.

“Russia is a technologically advanced country and is continuously advancing in the field of science and technology. On AI, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, ‘He who becomes the leader in this field will become the master of the world.’ Although India believes in the principle of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (the whole world is one family) and does not intend to rule the world, we must develop the capacity of our AI technology so that no country can even think of governing us,” he said.

Among the AI-enabled products launched by the Minister were autonomous weapons systems, surveillance and reconnaissance systems, robotics products, human behavior analysis software and a range of simulators and training equipment. test. Some products like AI-enabled voice transcription software, driver fatigue monitoring system and welding defect assessment are also expected to have applications in the civilian world.


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