Quay approves plan for new CCTV system



The Quay County commission on Monday approved a plan to install a new CCTV system in the prison using $ 331,650 in state capital spending to primarily pay for it.

Quay County Detention Center Administrator Christopher Birch said the video system offered by APIC Solutions from Albuquerque uses a fisheye camera lens that can capture images at 360-degree angles and zoom in on certain areas. Birch said it was the same monitoring system that casinos use.

Birch said the prison’s current video system “is limping and could fail at any time.” He said a new system could reduce inmate legal claims.

The total cost of the APIC system is $ 338,159.49, according to county documents.

Responding to a question from the commissioners, Birch said he felt comfortable with APIC’s proposal and that it could be installed in a week and a half.

On a related note, the commissioners later in the meeting approved a resolution authorizing a budget increase of $ 331,650 representing the state’s appropriation for the prison.

In other cases:

• Commissioners approved four resolutions calling for one-year extensions of participation in the State’s Local Government Road Fund for the 2021-2022 fiscal year. County Road Superintendent Larry Moore said road works, mainly on Quay Road AF, had been delayed due to bad weather, equipment issues and lack of manpower.

• Moore told commissioners he would designate Quay Road AL, which connects the Super 8 Motel in Tucumcari to US 54, as a school bus line so that he can receive repair funds. He said it was one of the worst roads in the county “and something has to be done”. Moore said he would rebuild about two miles of the road.

• County director Daniel Zamora said the county’s gross tax revenues were starting to show the effects of the completion of several road projects in the area. However, he said a new state law that allocates more tax revenue to shopping in the county has largely “stabilized” the county’s revenue in that region. He said more road construction projects will begin in the county soon. Zamora said that for the year to date gross tax revenue looks good, and he expressed optimism.

• Commissioners approved a resolution returning $ 18,842 in unused county DWI program money to the state government.

• Commissioners approved $ 5,000 in indigent hospital claims in August.



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