Pwani Oil responds to KEBS notice flagging its products


In a statement dated September 24, 2022, Pwani Oil, which is the maker of Fresh Fri with Garlic oil, Fry mate and Salit Salad Oil, said it had complied with the notice recalling some of the brands mentioned in the notice. ‘notice.

Pwani further justified himself by saying that he had been in business for more than three decades which was in full compliance with the standards, adding that he had continued the action even when recently notified by KEBS .

“Although we do not dispute that a letter from KEBS was sent to us on 9e September 2022, as noted in the press release, it is important to note that we immediately responded indicating our corrective action plan for the specific batches which included isolation and withdrawal of product and samples to be sent for a new test at the KEBS accredited laboratory.

We have taken the necessary action despite no acknowledgment or advice from KEBS on our corrective action plan,” read part of Pwani’s statement.

The company said tests for the recalled products have been carried out with authorized organizations and the results have been sent to KEBS confirming compliance with established standards.

“While we continue to monitor product isolation, product samples have been sent to SGS and results received from the independent and accredited KEBS laboratory confirm compliance with specifications for edible oils and fats fortified with iron levels,” the company said.

Pwani asserted compliance with manufacturing standards and expressed openness to working with KEBS to reach a better conclusion on the matter.

It also reassured consumers about safe quality products for its consumers.

Other edible oils reported by KEBS are Postman, Bahari Fry, Rina, Salit, Tilly and Top Fry. KEBS Director of Market Surveillance, Peter Kaigwara, announced the suspension of the 10 brands in a letter to the Retail Traders Association of Kenya (RETRAK).

Kaigwara however clarified that the suspension was not a ban but a temporary measure but a measure to ensure compliance and consumer protection.


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