Petrolesport installs a video surveillance system on STS cranes


Petrolesport, part of Global Ports Group, has installed a CCTV system on its ship-to-shore (STS) gantry cranes. The equipment will improve crane operator visibility and increase container handling safety, Global Ports said in a statement.

Each of PLP’s six STS cranes has been equipped with four cameras: two cameras are mounted on the crane trolley and monitor the area behind the spreader beam and the area behind the cabin, one is placed on the front part of the gate to watch the berth, and we operate in the cabin. External cameras are streamed to a monitor in the crane cabin, giving the operator an additional view of container operations in low-visibility areas.

Marc Niederer, COO of Global Ports, said: “Monitoring cargo movements with cameras will increase the safety and convenience of loading and unloading operations. When working with containers, the visibility of certain areas of the vessel is limited and the crane operator can only navigate by the controls of the signalman. The cameras will allow the operator to position containers on the ship in blind spots without the help of the signalman and avoid damage to other containers and equipment.

The positioning of cameras to record the actions of the crane operator will facilitate the investigation of any incident occurring. The video recordings will also be used to analyze the vessel handling process and assess the operator’s work to prevent future incidents, Global Ports said.


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