Peek-A-Boo: Gun rapist caught looking at CCTV camera in custody, police say


A suspected gun rapist who made no attempt to hide his identity after breaking into a women’s hotel in Virginia was apprehended, police said.

The suspect – whose name and age have not been released by the Fairfax Police Department – faces pending charges after being arrested for an alleged incident on Saturday, October 1 just hours after news Photos and surveillance footage were released of him by investigators overnight.

Police say the man physically and sexually assaulted his victim at a hotel in the 8600 block of Westwood Center Drive in Vienna, the department said in an alert issued earlier this week.

It is alleged that a man who knew his victim learned of the assault and chased the suspect away, but not before the suspect pointed a handgun at him to aid his escape.

The victim was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment for his injuries sustained in the attack.

In video released by investigators, the suspect can be seen entering the subway at Eastern Market station, then changing to the Silver Line at Capitol South station, then exiting at Spring Hill station.

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