Optimized Electrotech Unveils Flagship Monitoring System and Makes Product Development Pacts


Ahmedabad-based defense technology start-up Optimized Electrotech, part of the 12th Defense Expo, has launched its flagship product, ‘NoctVision’, a day/night intelligent surveillance system that can detect threats in conditions of zero light, light fog and light foliage. The company says it uses thermal imaging and daylight imaging in tandem to produce results that far exceed the capabilities of these individual technologies.

According to the startup, it can also enable detection of vehicles at a distance of 7 km during the day and 6 km at night. Built-in artificial intelligence and Edge Analytics ensure that NoctVision can be deployed in strategic areas with minimal oversight, while receiving maximum actionable insights.

NightVision. (Photo: Optimized Electrotech)

Sandeep Shah, co-founder and managing director of Optimized Electrotech, said that “21st century new age warfare requires new age technologies and a new age mindset. India’s investment in defense at this point is going to be monumental on the path to peaceful coexistence around the world.

Optimized Electrotech will also collaborate for new technologies and to produce certain products for the Defense ecosystem.

Founded in 2017, Optimized Electrotech specializes in defense surveillance and security platforms. The products offered by the startup operate over the entire range of the electromagnetic spectrum (range of all types of EM radiation) and are equipped with different types of optics to enable several applications such as smart city monitoring, satellite imagery , border surveillance, perimeter surveillance, access control, aircraft tracking and airport security, and emergency S&R operations.


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