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The UK government has opened a consultation on revisions to the CCTV Code of Practice, first published in June 2013 under section 30 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012.

This is the first revision of the code since its introduction in 2013. The code is designed to provide guidance on the appropriate use of surveillance camera systems by local authorities and police.


Professor Fraser Sampson, Commissioner of Biometrics and Surveillance Cameras

Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner Prof. Fraser Sampson (whom IFSEC Global interviewed earlier this year) encourages contributions from across the security sector and is open to conversations throughout the consultation period, which ends on 8e September 2021.

In his role, Professor Sampson is responsible for encouraging compliance with the code and reviewing how it works. He succeeded his predecessor, Tony Porter, in March 2021.

The proposed update draft includes a reference to subsequent legislation, such as data protection legislation and judgment in Bridges V South Wales Police, where it was found that the use of a recognized automated facial was illegal on three counts. It is also expected that there will be some streamlining of the text to make it easier for users to follow.

The currently amended code does not impose any additional burden on the authorities who should take it into account, and the list of competent authorities is not extended. The Government intends to table the draft code in Parliament at the end of the autumn, subject to consultation.

To respond to the consultation, send an email [email protected] and find out more details about the proposed changes here.

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