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Manley is one of the longest-lasting brands in our ranking. However, before you decide to apply for a payment in this company, it is worth knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the lender’s current offer. The analysis prepared by us will help you assess whether the offer of Manley is really what you need at the moment.

Get up to $1000 direct payday lenders only

The new clients of a given lender often wonder if using the online payday loan direct lender services of a chosen non-banking company is safe. In the case of the official website for online payday loans direct lenders, however, we can be calm. The brand has been operating on the non-banking market since 2013, therefore it can boast of considerable experience in the online payday loan direct lender sector.

What’s more, Manley is the Poland company mentioned earlier, the owner of another well-known non-bank brand – Sue. We can be sure that in their activity they are guided by a policy of responsible and safe lending.

The advantages and disadvantages of a loan in Manley

When assessing the offer of the Manley brand, we took into account mainly elements that are important from the point of view of the future borrower, such as, for example, the amount of the loan, the costs of the obligation or general requirements in relation to the borrowers. Comparing the offer of this lender with other offers available on the market, we decided to indicate the elements constituting both the strengths of the Manley and the areas in which they still need improvement. Here they are:

The benefits of a payday loan in Manley

  1. The high amount of the first minute – the new Manley customer can borrow up to PLN 3,000.
  2. Free loan for new customers – the person lending to Manley for the first time does not bear any loan costs.
  3. High limit for returning customers – the maximum loan amount for existing customers is as high as PLN 6,000.
  4. Quick loan decision – the money can reach the borrower’s bank account in just a few minutes.
  5. Short registration form – the registration form (which is also part of the loan application) contains only questions about the basic personal data of the client.
  6. A cancer of having to confirm income – in the case of payday loans in Manley you do not have to provide any additional documents.
  7. The loan is also available for older people – the maximum age of the customer in Manley is 70 years.
  8. Loan refinancing option – in case of repayment difficulties, you can apply for a refinancing loan.
  9. Possibility of confirming the identity in two ways – the customer can make his verification by bank transfer or the Instantor application.
  10. Long lending period – a payday in Manley can be incurred for up to 45 days.

Disadvantages of payday loans in Manley

  1. One form of cash withdrawal – the payment is paid only by transfer to the customer’s account.
  2. High minimum age of the borrower – to apply for a payday in Manley you must have, among others, 21 years.
  3. Control in several debtors’ databases – uses such registers as BIK, KRD or ERIF.
  4. The possibility of taking a loan only for selected periods – Manley lends money to 5,10,15,20,25,30,40 or 45 days.

The opinion of the Willie about Manley

As we have already mentioned, Manley is a leading brand in our weekly ranking. Customers usually rate this offer for four stars, praising such items as the lack of unnecessary formalities or quick withdrawal of cash on account. In our opinion, the Manley offer is a very good loan offer, however, we could extend the slightly available repayment period (eg up to 60 days) by other companies. Customers would certainly be happy with this modification.