Newtown Police launch CCTV anti-crime initiative


NEWTOWN, CT – The Newtown Police Department is looking to team up with residents and local business owners who have external surveillance cameras on their properties for a new crime-fighting initiative, authorities said.

Law enforcement officials are asking residents and businesses with such security devices to voluntarily share video footage with the department.

“This will give Newtown Police another mechanism to gather information about crimes and other incidents that occur in the community,” officials wrote in the announcement. “Most investigations require door-to-door canvases of the areas where the incidents occur. Often the owners are not at home at the time or the employee responsible for the camera systems is not available. The new database of information will help Newtown Police quickly contact home and business owners in a timely manner and see if there is any video evidence they could provide.”

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Authorities said the database will include basic information that home and business owners choose to voluntarily share with the Newtown Police Department by registering on the department’s website.

The information collected would be things such as:

Find out what’s happening in Newtownwith free real-time Patch updates.

  • How many cameras are there on the property
  • Do the cameras capture any part of the roadway
  • Are the cameras recording based on motion or are they constantly on?

All informational images will be kept confidential and used for official law enforcement purposes only. The registered person will only be contacted if there is an incident in their area and the police need more information.

“Newtown Police will not directly use your camera system or have access to any video footage you possess,” officials said. “Newtown Police are looking forward to launching this initiative and connecting with the community in a new way to help keep Newtown safe.”

Residents and merchants with exterior security cameras who wish to register can complete a registration form at

Any questions can be directed to Newtown Police Officer Stephanie McDermott at 203-426-5841, or by email at [email protected]

To request removal of your name from an arrest report, submit these required elements for [email protected]

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