Minnetonka Police Created CCTV System Recording Program


Community members and business owners in Minnetonka are now encouraged to register their private CCTV systems through a new program.

According to city officials, the voluntary program, called SafeCam, will have a database of camera locations around the city for the police department.

The city says the database will be private, recording only the address and basic characteristics of the cameras.

The addresses would be used to help police contact those near any potential crime sites.

City leaders say police would not have access to private security systems.

CLICK HERE if you want to register your camera system.

The program would help police find CCTV systems near any potential crime scene and allow those who sign up to add any type of surveillance cameras, such as video doorbells, home security cameras and wireless video camera systems.

City officials add that the police department also participates in the Ring by Neighbors app. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Ring program.


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