Macau extends facial recognition to surveillance system used in third-party investigations


Macau police frequently use a public surveillance system in criminal investigations, according to comments from the Special Administrative Region’s security secretary reported by Macau Business. Meanwhile, the facial recognition part of the system continues to expand.

Secretary Wong Sio Chak told the legislature that the “Eyes in the Sky” system, which includes at least 100 cameras on which a test of facial recognition and license plate reading technology has been performed, has been used in over a third of recent criminal investigations. The public video surveillance system quickly resolved two homicide cases among them, according to the official.

There are now 1,620 cameras operating in the system, with the completion of the first four phases of deployment.

Further extensions of the surveillance system are planned for 2022 and 2023 and will reach 2,600 cameras. Macau plans to install 4,200 public surveillance cameras by the end of 2028.

Macau border authorities are also planning to deploy “Eyes in the Sky” cameras with facial recognition to prevent smuggling, Wong said.

The territory is also considering legislation to require the collection of biometric data from all visitors upon arrival.

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