Look for FDA registration numbers on products, check before you buy – FDA warns Ghanaians


The Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs of the Ghana Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has warned Ghanaians to thoroughly check the FDA registration numbers on the products before proceeding to purchase the products.

It comes after the FDA refuted claims that bagged water on the market is contaminated with feces.

Speaking to Roselyn Felli on Prime Morning, Joseph Yaw-Bernie Bennie explained that the FDA registration number is labeled on all registered products which consumers can confirm on the FDA website if in doubt.

“If you choose a sachet product or an FDA registered product, the registration number is on the product. There is supposed to be an expiration date on all sachets of water. Currently they have a shelf life of shelf life of about three months,” he said.

Mr Bennie added that “so when you check the date of manufacture, it always says on the sachet that it expires 3 months after the date of production”.

Last week, a study by the Ghana Statistical Service found that most water sachets on the market were contaminated with faeces that had gone viral.

The Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey conducted in 2017 revealed that 34.1% of households in Ghana that relied on bagged water as a source of drinking water had an appreciable amount of safe drinking water. Escherichia colia contamination indicator.

In response to media reports of the poor quality and safety of bagged water, the FDA provided regular inspection of manufacturing facilities based on the Authority’s guidelines.

The Authority said the result of its regular monitoring of bagged water producers is not in line with the observations of the Ghana Statistical Service.

But they also urged the public to patronize only registered sachets and bottled water made in Ghana.

The public is also urged to report any unregistered sachets and bottled water to any of its nearest offices across the country.

Meanwhile, Mr Bennie assured Ghanaians that the FDA was working to introduce a simple and convenient system for buyers to easily check for counterfeit products.

Meanwhile, the president of the National Association of Packaged/Packaged Water Producers (NASPAWAP), Magnus Nunoo, confirmed that the association serves as a check on its members.

“It’s under constant surveillance, and at least if you have an authorized installation, the duration is only one year. After a year, you have to go back and start the process over. We visit you at least twice during the period to make sure you are doing the right thing,” he said.


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