Lancaster Safety Coalition modernizes the city’s surveillance system


LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – Fifteen years ago smartphones weren’t really a thing. Some cars didn’t even have Bluetooth. There have been many technological advancements, and Lancaster is looking to add a few with a major facelift to its monitoring system.

“The old system was – imagine watching TV in 1992,” said Timothy Miller, executive director of the Lancaster Safety Coalition.

It was often grainy and of poor quality.

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“If you wanted to know how many pedestrians were on King Street in a given week, it would probably take you three to six months, between $ 3,000 and $ 10,000 to find that information,” Miller said.

Now, with more than half of its camera upgrades completed, this simple traffic scan can take a few seconds. It’s all part of a multi-million dollar investment from the Lancaster Safety Coalition, and they showed abc27 exactly how things work.

“The old cameras providing this piece of important information that helped start the next level of law enforcement investigation instead of being able to say, ‘This is exactly what happened,’ Miller said.

And with more money on the table, they’re looking to fill gaps in coverage in underserved neighborhoods.

“The Southwest is definitely one of those areas where we just don’t have the kind of support we would like to put in place for the community. Parts of the northeast as well, ”Miller said.

The aim has always been to make Lancaster’s neighborhoods more high-tech.

“Provide the kind of thing that neighbors have done for each other for generations, where if something happened in the neighborhood you had three or four neighbors who had a good idea why it happened or who did it, ”Miller added.

This is what the Lancaster Safety Coalition seeks to do, one camera at a time.

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