Kerala Human Sacrifice Problem Revealed by CCTV Recording: Police Commissioner Briefs News WAALI


Kerala Human Sacrifice Issue Revealed by CCTV Camera Recording: Police Commissioner Briefs

Ernakulam City Commissioner of Police C. Nagaraju said that the case of human sacrifice of 2 women which caused a lot of excitement in Kerala state came to light through the recording of the surveillance camera.

Also, ‘Mohammed Safi, the main defendant in this case, is perverted. He said there were already many cases against him.

When police investigated reports that two 50-year-old women, who were selling lottery tickets on roads in Kathavandara and Kaladi areas of Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district, went missing in June and September, it was revealed that ‘they were both human. victims.

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Hearing the words of Muhammad Safi of Perambavur that they should make human sacrifices to increase their wealth, Bhagawal Singh, a massage therapist from Thiruvalla and his wife Laila, killed the two women in their house and buried them in the village of ‘Elandur.

Subsequently, the three people arrested were presented to the court of first instance on Wednesday and placed in police custody. The police decided to take them into custody for 10 days and question them.

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Earlier, Police Commissioner Nagaraju told a press conference in Kochi on Wednesday regarding the investigation against them:

In this case, the clue came from the surveillance camera recording. Mohammed Safi was caught on surveillance camera loading one of the murdered women into his car. In the further investigation conducted by the police department based on this evidence, the full details of this murder incident have come out.

The main criminal, Safi, already has several cases of theft and sexual harassment. More than 10 cases have been registered against him over the past 15 years. It includes a case where Safi sexually assaulted a 75-year-old woman and stabbed her to several parts of her body. Similar wounds were found on the bodies of two women found in Elantur.

Safi is fundamentally perverse. The commissioner said he used to tell women a story, lure them into his trap and then harass them.



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