Kakiri: Engineer arrested for damaging police surveillance equipment


A construction engineer in Kakiri has been arrested following disruptions to police surveillance facilities in the area.

Police revealed yesterday that a section of the underground fiber optic cable network in Kakiri, Wakiso was damaged during a site clearance for construction works.

As a result, the construction company’s site engineer identified as Kyambadde Eddy was arrested.

Police spokesman Fred Enanga said the roadside works damaged strong underground cables for CCTV areas in Kakiri, disrupting the CCTV cable network in Kakiri, Masuliita, Namayumba and Kikandwa. .

Enanga also revealed to the press that the disturbances had greatly affected the safety and security monitoring of people in the CCTV area, thus affecting the police response to the emergency.

“While our team of ICT experts are working to restore the CCTV networks, we are increasingly concerned as this is the third incident, where our underground fiber networks are damaged, but the protection zone is clearly marked on major roads, highways, towns and other localities,” he said.

As a result, the law enforcement agency has warned all road contractors to work closely with the ICT Directorate, to ensure that their plants and machinery operate in a manner that does not interfere with highly critical government communications infrastructure.

Damage to the underground network of fiber optic cables has serious financial consequences in terms of rehabilitation.

The government said it would ensure that hefty fines and fiber restoration costs were felt by the construction company and additionally charged the driver for negligent driving which resulted in damage to the cable network at fiber.


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