Jeth Nagar RWA to Accelerate Surveillance System


On the afternoon of February 15, an autorickshaw went missing at Jeth Nagar in Mylapore. The driver had just got out of the vehicle to collect the race from the renter’s home when the theft occurred. Within two days, the police arrested the culprit and recovered the autorickshaw. In 2019, police solved another theft case at Jeth Nagar – one involving jewelry and cash – in surprisingly short time. CCTV cameras installed by the Jeth Nagar Residents Association enabled the police to quickly solve the two cases. Ravi Nandyala, founding member of the Association, says, “We have nine success stories that prove that the expense for the CCTV surveillance system is worth it. We installed CCTV cameras three years ago, before which incidents of theft of chains and mobile phones were commonplace in Jeth Nagar. On average, five incidents would be reported each month. We installed 30 cameras on Jeth Nagar at a cost of Rs.1.5 lakh; and this has led to a sharp drop in these cases. The association plans to increase the number of CCTV cameras in Jeth Nagar; and this time it would be high-end Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV cameras. “We opt for the IP system because it is wireless. In the past six months, the association has spent Rs 28,000 to repair some of the existing cameras as miscreants kept cutting the cables of these cameras. Then the image captured by an IP camera is clearer,” says Ravi. The Association has appointed volunteers for each of the eight streets of Jeth Nagar. They educated locals on the need to upgrade to the advanced security system and raised money for the cause. “Of the 185 families of Jeth Nagar, 50 have contributed financially and they have made this possible. We will procure 16 IP cameras and associated devices at an estimated cost of Rs.1 lakh,” Ravi adds. The Jeth Nagar Residents Association was established five years ago with two main goals: the cleanliness of the settlement and its safety. “We collect Rs.800 per year from each family. A significant part of this fund is devoted to the maintenance of CCTV cameras. We anticipate that our move to IP cameras will significantly reduce maintenance costs,” says Ravi.


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