Janakikkad ecotourism site in Kozhikode does not yet have an effective monitoring system


Even after several incidents of drug addiction and sexual assault were reported, the eco-tourism destination of Janakikkad near Perambra in Kozhikode district has yet to put in place a flawless monitoring system to keep an eye on the elements. criminals.

Since the opening of the tourist site in 2008 by the Forestry Department, the low-lying evergreen forest has remained largely unprotected due to inadequate surveillance and security measures. No effective network of closed circuit television cameras is available in the inner area to monitor the movement of disbelievers.

A political activist in the region said tourism authorities and forestry department officials were oblivious to the need for increased security even during renovations and beautifications. He said numerous incidents of drug abuse and sexual assault have been reported at the 131-hectare tourist site.

After a new case of sexual assault involving an underage girl was reported, a number of socio-cultural organizations and local residents’ forums called for immediate action by the district administration to address the issues. of security. They called for better surveillance from the Forestry Department to monitor the entry of suspicious people.

Meanwhile, Forestry Department officials said they had put in place basic monitoring measures. These measures led to the arrest of several suspects and helped gather evidence. Security measures would also be adopted in vulnerable sections in consultation with department superiors, they added.

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