“It’s really scary” – MSU students feel insecure after surveillance camera issues


EAST LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – Michigan State University purchases new surveillance cameras after admitting that an important camera was not working the night Brendan Santo went missing.

This camera was at Yakeley Hall, where Santo was last seen.

  • MSU President: Cameras were not working when Brendan Santo disappeared

It’s unclear how long the camera was off, but the students told News 10 they are now doing whatever it takes to protect themselves.

“It’s really scary not knowing who is in our building,” said Paige Albright, who lives in Yakeley.

Albright said she felt the building’s cameras were not working on her second day on campus.

“It’s just a big safety issue,” she said. “Not being able to look at the timestamps, not being able to know where I am.”

Albright said she makes sure she never walks around campus alone, even to the dining room next door.

“I’m going to call someone because I just don’t feel like I’m walking alone, especially after everything that’s been going on here,” Albright said.

“It was pretty scary. My friends, we stopped walking home at night. Now we take the bus or we never walk alone, ”said Grace Cyporyn, who lives in Landon Hall, next to Yakeley.

She said she expected the cameras to work.

“It would make sense for this to be a guarded area and for the students to feel safe and know that if something were to happen there would be security footage,” Cyporyn said.

MSU said it has thousands of cameras on campus.

A spokesperson for a university wouldn’t tell News 10 how many of them aren’t working.

“This part is in college,” Cyporyn said. “We should have a safe campus, we should feel safe. “

In a letter to the community, university president Samuel Stanley said the university was purchasing 300 new cameras.

Lydia Miller said cameras should be a priority in the university’s security plan.

“Especially with everything that’s happened, it just shows how important this aspect of security is,” Miller said.

The new cameras are expected to arrive in mid-November and be installed immediately.

President Stanley’s letter also stated that a new campus security app would be deployed soon.

MSU police are holding a virtual town hall at 6 p.m. Wednesday to talk about what the university is doing to help keep students safe. It can be viewed here.

Anyone who has seen Brendan Santo or knows his whereabouts is urged to contact the Michigan State University Police Department by phone at 844-99-MSUPD (67873) or by email at [email protected]

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