‘It’s not real’: Andover surveillance camera captures tornado’s path of destruction



Andover, Kan. (KAKE) – Andover Town Says One Now viral video Showing an EF-3 tornado headlong toward the City Hall building should be a reminder of all its residents have endured.

The city shared two videos on Wednesday: one from the east side of City Hall and the other from the west side. East Camera captured the viral video in question, showing the tornado heading directly for City Hall before appearing to change direction.

“I honestly sat with my hand over my face thinking it wasn’t real,” Andover Mayor Ronnie Price said.

Price said he was surprised the video reached hundreds of thousands of people and everyone seemed to have a say in the devastation that has hit his community.

“It gives people an opportunity to see what optimism and hope look like,” Price said.

He said he has seen several examples of hope over the past week. He praised everyone from first responders and city workers to neighbors who lent a helping hand to those in need. He said it was important to also recognize people who have not lost their homes and are also experiencing trauma.

“I had to take my time to sit down and think,” Price said.

KAKE’s Chief Meteorologist Jay Prater also previewed the video shared by the Town of Andover.

“While the vortex is moving south, it’s not quite moving north,” Prater said. “He’s heading northeast.”

The video also captured dozens of trees ripped from the ground and flags resisting extreme wind speeds.

“As he crosses the park [towards city hall] you can very clearly see the influx of flags and anything pointing towards the tornado vortex,” Prater said.

KAKE News also asked Prater about viewers pointing out that there were a few vehicles in the City Hall parking lot that seemed mostly in tune with the tornado.

“You have to remember that how the wind passes over a vehicle can impact whether or not it gets blown by the wind,” Prater said.

Prater said the EF-3 tornado that touched down on Friday was very photogenic and could be seen for tens of miles across Kansas.

Price said that while City Hall did not sustain significant damage, many Andover homeowners were not so lucky. He said the city would spend the time needed to help them rebuild their lives while striving towards a new normal.

“We’ll be on top,” Price said. “But the most important, the most important thing is that we will be optimistic about our future.”

KAKE News also asked Price about his reaction to the city not being eligible for FEMA assistance. He said Andover would keep moving forward and he would be fine.


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