Interior Ministry sets up new CCTV system in Sarajevo – Sarajevo Times


The Government of the Canton of Sarajevo has approved the project for the construction of a new CCTV system in the Canton of Sarajevo, in order to improve security and to implement more effectively the activities under the competence of the Ministry of the Interior of the canton of Sarajevo.

The appointed working group, which includes experts from the Ministry of Interior CS, as well as external experts in the field of telecommunications and security, will determine the locations to be covered by video surveillance, the necessary infrastructure and devices, as well as signal transmission to monitoring centers and monitoring equipment centers, including CCTV and network monitoring software, planned future system upgrades and other necessary tasks, the service said. protocol and the press of the canton of Sarajevo.

“The task force’s obligation is to do this as soon as possible, and at the latest within 90 days, as well as to prepare an estimate of the total costs.” The project and the technical specifications that will be proposed will serve as the basis for announcing the award of public contracts and the realization of the project,” Interior Minister Admir Katica announced on this occasion.

He pointed out that it is an excellent tool for better control and prevention, as well as for the identification of various forms of crime.

Katica also recalled that the implementation of a new video surveillance system is envisaged by the Action Plan for the Prevention and Suppression of Motor Vehicle Theft in the Canton of Sarajevo.


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