Illumina Announces Next-Generation Products and Data at AGBT General Meeting to Advance Innovative Customer Solutions


“At Illumina, customers are at the center of what we do, and we are excited to connect with them at AGBT to unveil our next-generation genomics solutions and learn more about their specific needs and requirements,” said Susan Tousi, Commercial Director at Illumina. “AGBT represents a key opportunity for Illumina to continue to drive innovations that accelerate personalized medicine into the future with our many valued partners.”

New longer-playing kit configurations

Scheduled to be released later this year, the new 600-cycle kit on NextSeq 1000/2000 will provide 2x300bp longer paired reads and expand the scope of applications from metagenomics to immune repertoire profiling. Data will be presented demonstrating that NextSeq 2000 is a powerful new tool to enable complete sequencing of the V(D)J immune repertoire on a large scale to better understand the human immunome.

“The upcoming launch of our new NextSeq kits is another important step in continuing to elevate sequencing to a new industry benchmark,” said Alex Aravanis, SVP and Chief Technology Officer at Illumina. “Greater gene sequencing depth and length, combined with advanced library preparation approaches, represent the next wave of technological advances in repertoire sequencing that will unleash the power of the genome to transform human health.”

New data with Infinity technology

In his June 8 titled session Emerging and advanced applications in whole genome sequencing”, Illumina will share new data from its Infinity technology platform, demonstrating exceptional performance in difficult-to-map regions of the genome, the ability to resolve complex structural variants, and the functionality to generate highly progressive human leukocyte antigen data. polymorphic (HLA) regions to assign haplotypes. Additionally, Illumina will share data using Infinity technology in combination with targeted enrichment. This approach allows users to target approximately 5% of difficult-to-map gene regions in combination with a standard Illumina genome to enable unprecedented scale using a novel, cost-effective approach.

Ashley’s lab in Stanford University was an early Illumina collaborator and used Infinity data to analyze patient samples to further resolve underlying genetic variation, creating another powerful tool for more informed clinical decision-making to improve patient outcomes. Euan AshleyMD, PhD, Professor of Genomics and Precision Health, Stanford University School of Medicine, presented the data generated by the Infinity Technology in his keynote address at AGBT on June 6.

Optimized WGS performance with NovaSeq 6000 and state-of-the-art computing

Illumina’s NovaSeq 6000 platform and DRAGEN Bio-IT address some of today’s greatest global healthcare challenges, including diagnosis of genetic diseases, detection and treatment of cancer, and global pathogen surveillance. Recent Illumina advances in computing also optimize human WGS analysis.

In a June 9 titled session “Connecting samples to genomic analysis and interpretation“Illumina will discuss its suite of computing solutions and highlight its breakthrough applications, including DRAGEN v3.10, which provides the most accurate measurement of the genome against Precision FDA benchmarks. In an updated comparison, DRAGEN outperformed all other technologies on all benchmarks and in the difficult Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) region. March 2022Illumina customers have processed more than 1.8 million whole genomes using DRAGEN tools to accelerate the data processing component of sequencing.

Convene and lead critical conversations at AGBT

Illumina will convene and moderate critical conversations about genomics innovation, foster industry collaboration, and discuss advances in its genomics technologies through a number of events and discussions at AGBT, including:

  • “Extending the Reach of Illumina Sequencing Platforms”Fiona NohillyDirector, Illumina Product Marketing, and Joel Fellis, PhD, VP Product Management, Sequencing Platforms, will discuss efforts to scale and expand access to Illumina’s next-generation sequencing platforms. The conversation will take place Tuesday, June 7 at 8:00 a.m. ET in the Palm Beach Room.
  • Emerging and Advanced Applications in Whole Genome Sequencing”Gary SchrothPhD, Vice President and Scientist Emeritus of Illumina, will discuss the latest advances in Illumina’s whole genome offering and the vast potential of emerging genomics technologies on Wednesday, June 8, 8:00 a.m. ET in the Palm Beach Room.
  • “Connecting samples to genomic analysis and interpretation”Mike LeliveltPhD, VP Product Management, Software & Informatics, will share Illumina’s end-to-end solution for connecting samples to critical genomic information on Thursday June 9, 8:00 a.m. ET in the Palm Beach Room.
  • Women’s Networking Event – Participants will be invited to network with female scientists at the Illumina-sponsored Women’s Networking Event. Illumina will recognize an accomplished scientist as part of its ongoing support of female scientists on Tuesday, June 7 at 5:30 p.m. ET at Signature Island.

“At Illumina, we are pushing genomics technologies to new frontiers to solve the world’s greatest health challenges,” said Aravanis. “Through our participation in this year’s AGBT, we look forward to engaging with leading genomics innovators and thinkers about the next-generation genomics solutions that are driving the future of personalized medicine – and the ways we we can scale these critical innovations to transform health outcomes around the world.”

Use of forward-looking statements

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About Illumina

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