i-PRO launches an AI-based mini surveillance camera


i-PRO Co. Ltd., a global provider of professional security solutions for surveillance and public safety, has announced the launch of its new i-PRO Mini Network Camera. Pocket-sized and a full range of AI analysis features, the i-PRO mini represents the next generation of smaller, more discreet smart cameras that not only protect retail and other businesses, but also provide operational and business information.

Part of the i-PRO S-series range, the all-new compact design blends seamlessly into any environment. Although the i-PRO mini is exceptionally small, powerful AI edge processing allows the camera to quickly process large amounts of data, running up to three simultaneous AI analytical applications. AI-based object detection provides improved surveillance and reduces false positives while providing valuable operational and marketing insights. Free AI-based scans include people and vehicle detection with unique attribute extraction such as color, top/bottom garment, face detection, and mask-free detection. The camera also supports occupancy monitoring/counting and a privacy guard feature that pixelates individual faces or the entire body to maintain GDPR compliance.

“The i-PRO mini revolutionizes the traditional compact camera segment by combining a sleek, low-profile design with powerful AI analytics. Business owners can easily leverage their surveillance footage to unlock valuable marketing insights to gain buyer insights,” said Adam Lowenstein, Director of Product Management at i-PRO Americas Inc. “i-PRO mini is truly at the forefront of the next generation of commercial security surveillance. by delivering a powerful, full-featured AI-based smart camera in the smallest package in our industry.”

At 4″ wide, 1.89″ tall and just 0.82″ deep, the i-PRO mini is only the height of a credit card and was designed specifically for applications where a camera with AI analysis is necessary but should not stand out and hinder an otherwise sleek and clean environmental design Compliant with NDAA and TAA standards, the i-PRO mini’s 2MP (HD 1080p) 30fps sensor provides clear and sharp images for the powerful embedded Ambarella AI processor and sets a new standard for an AI-powered smart sensor that nearly disappears from sight in most environments.

A built-in microphone enables additional sound classification analyzes such as glass breakage detection, saving the cost of stand-alone sound sensors. The i-PRO mini also supports third-party application plugins that can perform specialized tasks such as monitoring stock status on product shelves.

Setup is made easy by using a smartphone or tablet and an optional USB Wi-Fi adapter to view the live image during setup. The camera remembers the angle at which it was first installed. If tampering changes the camera angle, a red LED will illuminate and an email can be sent notifying operators of the change. The i-PRO mini can be powered by a PoE or USB-C connection.

“i-PRO is the industry leader in providing solutions that require powerful, low-profile, state-of-the-art hardware, without the need to compromise between camera size, performance and business intelligence. next generation,” Lowenstein said. “The new i-PRO mini exemplifies our commitment to constant innovation and our mission to make AI capabilities universally available to the surveillance market.”


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