Henderson Police are asking for your help in solving crimes with a surveillance camera program


LAS VEGAS, Nevada (FOX5) – Your surveillance cameras like your Ring, Blink or Nest may have captured information that police can use in an investigation.

Through their CAPTURE program, you can voluntarily submit video to Henderson Police.

“Some of these crimes take time to solve, whether it’s a day, a week or three months later, but having the footage that residents provide to us can actually speed up that process in solving many of these crimes,” said Alejandro, an officer with the neighborhood’s resource unit. Alcantara.

If a crime occurs in your area, Henderson Police, through their CAPTURE program, can view the capture map.

“They’ll see a little camera icon on the houses,” Alcantara said. “It indicates who is participating in the capture. If there are pictures, we ask the inhabitants to give them to us and if there are none, no harm, no fault.

Alcantara said the program has already been a success.

“I can say that when I’m sitting in my office and looking at the reports, I’ve noticed that many crimes have been solved because residents are providing their information,” Alcantara said.

Henderson Police Crime statistics despite an increase in population, burglaries are down from this time this year, but robberies are up.

“The town of Henderson is growing at a pretty rapid rate,” Alcantara said. “We are doing our best to keep as many of our officers on the streets as possible. Hire new officers all the time. However, we cannot be everywhere exactly when you need us and this creates a partnership with residents, the community and the police department to help us fight crime.

Alcantara said the process of submitting your images is voluntary and your privacy is protected.

“We don’t have access to your footage at all,” Alcantara said. “We ask for your images. It’s voluntary, I think the big concern is the big brothers watching, not us.

To register for this capture program, click on HERE.

If you don’t live in Henderson, Metro also offers a similar program called “Safecam”.


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