Grocery store surveillance camera captures mom accidentally picking up another mom’s toddler: “Holy moly”


A mom was mortified when she almost kidnapped another woman’s baby from a grocery store, and TikTok cracks – and heaves a sigh of relief!

Posted by TikTok @brotherhq and credited to Twitter user @SainteVache_Inc, the shocking images quickly went viral with over 18.6 million views!

In the video, we see an unknown mum, dressed in blue, standing in a checkout aisle with her alleged baby in her arms.

The confusion begins when another mother, dressed in pink, approaches her and takes the toddler in her arms. Although the surveillance footage had no sound, it can be assumed that the mum in pink said something like, “This is my baby. “

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Suddenly, despite the mum in blue wearing a mask, we can see the shocked look on her face – probably a mixture of horror of almost kidnapping someone’s child and terror of not knowing where to be. found his own child.

But the smiling mother in pink leads the shocked woman down an alley – where she points to a toddler standing alone. Immediately, the mother in blue picks up the child and runs away – no doubt embarrassed in confusion and relieved to have her own baby in her arms again.

Obviously, this was a simple case of mistaken identity, as both toddlers were wearing pink coats and little white beanies – but it could have been a pretty terrifying situation!

Fortunately, the accidental near abduction was detected before the two mothers came home with the wrong babies!

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‘Saint moly! Exactly the same outfit down to black and white shoes! ‘

TikTokers was quick to jump in the comments to share their reaction to the thrilling images.

“Omgaaaawd. It’s so scary, ”one user wrote.

“I’m laughing so much right now,” commented another user.

“She knew [what] was she doing, trying to swap her child on the bottom, ”another user joked.

“They handled it well! I certainly wouldn’t have been so calm, ”one user wrote.

“Saint moly! Exactly the same outfit down to black and white shoes! one user gasped.

“I’m convinced that there is a certain age when all children are exactly the same, and no one knows if the child is theirs or not,” another user joked.

Some TikTokers have shared their own similar confusions.

“We went to the zoo and walked through a dark section. My husband grabbed a little boy and said, “I won’t tell you, stay with us”… Our son was down the hall. He grabbed a random boy and was so embarrassed to take him back to his parents, ”one user explained.

“It happened to me when I was a kid, but I ended up in another family’s van,” another user explained.

While this particular confusion had a happy ending and both mothers had a good laugh about it, the video serves as an important safety lesson – especially in the age of face masks! Always make sure your child is with you and never leave them unattended in public.

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