German Boxer vehicles to receive Thales surveillance system


by wild olivia

Krauss-Maffei Wegmann has signed a contract with Thales for the supply of PAAG surveillance systems for the German JFSTsw program. (Kongsberg)

Thales has signed a contract with Krauss-Maffei Wegmann for the delivery of four Panoramic Above Armor Gimbals (PAAG) to the German armed forces, the company announced on March 30.

The PAAG will be installed on German Boxer vehicles under the JFST (Joint Fire Support Team) contract.

Four prototypes will be manufactured in 2023, with a follow-on production contract expected in 2025, the announcement said.

An informed Thales spokesperson Janes that the integration of the PAAG would create a new German Army Boxer variant called the “Joint Fire Support Team schwer” (JFSTsw).

However, they were unable to detail the total value of the contract.

The PAAG, remotely controlled from inside the Boxer, is an electronic surveillance system, which provides the user with long-range “detection, recognition, identification”, the Joint Security Cooperation Organization said. armament (OCCAR) in a separate press release.

The system is capable of identifying targets up to four kilometers away and can be elevated above the roof of the vehicle to monitor targets, reducing operational risk.

Thales said automatic video tracking and assisted target detection will be included in the JFST PAAG system.

The contract was part of a competitive tender managed by OCCAR. Initially, Elbit, Hensoldt, Thales and Safran made offers; however, only Thales and Hensoldt have been selected for the final round of the competition, the spokesperson said.

The PAAG variant of the German program is specifically intended for a joint fire strike capability. Although not currently under contract as a variant of the British Boxer Mechanized Infantry Vehicle program, it is hoped that the JFST variant can inform future options, the spokesperson added.

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Thales has signed a contract with Krauss-Maffei Wegmann for the delivery of four Panoramic Above Arm…


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