‘Flock’ surveillance system rolls out in South Bend with promising results


SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) – Flock Safety has helped South Bend Police Department officers and investigators solve at least 187 cases.

“It’s a great success. Officers, not only on patrol but also on investigation, use it every day,” said Lt. Kyle Dombrowski of South Bend PD.

The new crime prevention tool can read license plate numbers and has helped law enforcement track vehicles involved in crimes in real time.

“So what it’s doing is it’s taking a picture of a vehicle, but it’s also scanning that license plate and running it through the criminal database,” Dombrowski said.

If a vehicle or license plate was stolen or involved in a crime, police could simply type the license plate number into the database and track the last location it was seen by Flock Safety.

“Well, it’s one of those things we’ve never had before. Like identification, it’s just, you know, you can have a witness statement, or maybe there’s surveillance video, but that’s just another tool to add to this heist. head, you know, identify the crime, locate evidence,” Dombrowski said.

According to the SBPD, since its establishment in the city, Flock Safety has helped solve 83 motor vehicle thefts, 20 serious assaults with a firearm, 40 robbery investigations, 9 homicide investigations, 11 wanted parties. , 10 robbery investigations and 14 “other”. .”

“Using this technology, it gives officers another tool in their toolbox to be effective, whether it’s prevention methods or enforcement, to make our community safer,” Dombrowski said.

Police told 16 News Now the new tool is aimed at building trust and communication with the community keeping them safer and seeing where the department can be most effective with its resources and manpower. .

“To better serve our community and either recover someone’s property, find the right evidence you know, solve a crime, or help a loved one find someone lost or in danger,” Dombrowski said.

According to the SBPD, a real-time crime center is being developed that would integrate the work done by crime analysts and Flock Safety.


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