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THURSDAY, August 11, 2022 (HealthDay News) — According to a study published online August 8 in Pediatrics.

Alyssa F. Harlow, Ph.D., of the University of Southern California at Los Angeles, and her colleagues calculated the prevalence of past six-month use of nicotine pouches, other nicotine-based products tobacco-free oral nicotine, e-cigarettes, cigarettes, hookah or waterpipe, cigars, cigarillos and snus among 3,516 high school students between September and December 2021.

The researchers found that the prevalence was highest for e-cigarettes (never: 9.6%; last six months: 5.5%) and non-tobacco oral nicotine products (always: 3.4%; last six months: 1.7%), and it was less than 1%. for other products. The odds of ever having used non-tobacco oral nicotine products increased for users who had ever used combustible tobacco and who had ever used non-combustible tobacco (adjusted odds ratios, 77.6 and 40.4 , respectively) compared to those who had never used combustible and non-combustible tobacco. Hispanic participants (versus other races/ethnicities except Asians), sexual minorities versus heterosexuals, gender minorities versus men, and women versus men had increased use of any product at oral nicotine base without tobacco (adjusted odds ratios, 2.58, 1.63, 2.83, and 1.92, respectively).

Surveillance of non-tobacco oral nicotine product use among adolescents deserves the priority of national policies designed to protect pediatric populations and promote health equity,” the authors write.

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