Payday Loans Online Direct Lender Only -Webwarrior.Net Wed, 05 Jun 2019 13:44:25 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Payday loan direct lender online -Get up to $1000 direct payday lenders only Wed, 05 Jun 2019 13:44:25 +0000 Manley is one of the longest-lasting brands in our ranking. However, before you decide to apply for a payment in this company, it is worth knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the lender’s current offer. The analysis prepared by us will help you assess whether the offer of Manley is really what you need at the moment.

Get up to $1000 direct payday lenders only

The new clients of a given lender often wonder if using the online payday loan direct lender services of a chosen non-banking company is safe. In the case of the official website for online payday loans direct lenders, however, we can be calm. The brand has been operating on the non-banking market since 2013, therefore it can boast of considerable experience in the online payday loan direct lender sector.

What’s more, Manley is the Poland company mentioned earlier, the owner of another well-known non-bank brand – Sue. We can be sure that in their activity they are guided by a policy of responsible and safe lending.

The advantages and disadvantages of a loan in Manley

When assessing the offer of the Manley brand, we took into account mainly elements that are important from the point of view of the future borrower, such as, for example, the amount of the loan, the costs of the obligation or general requirements in relation to the borrowers. Comparing the offer of this lender with other offers available on the market, we decided to indicate the elements constituting both the strengths of the Manley and the areas in which they still need improvement. Here they are:

The benefits of a payday loan in Manley

  1. The high amount of the first minute – the new Manley customer can borrow up to PLN 3,000.
  2. Free loan for new customers – the person lending to Manley for the first time does not bear any loan costs.
  3. High limit for returning customers – the maximum loan amount for existing customers is as high as PLN 6,000.
  4. Quick loan decision – the money can reach the borrower’s bank account in just a few minutes.
  5. Short registration form – the registration form (which is also part of the loan application) contains only questions about the basic personal data of the client.
  6. A cancer of having to confirm income – in the case of payday loans in Manley you do not have to provide any additional documents.
  7. The loan is also available for older people – the maximum age of the customer in Manley is 70 years.
  8. Loan refinancing option – in case of repayment difficulties, you can apply for a refinancing loan.
  9. Possibility of confirming the identity in two ways – the customer can make his verification by bank transfer or the Instantor application.
  10. Long lending period – a payday in Manley can be incurred for up to 45 days.

Disadvantages of payday loans in Manley

  1. One form of cash withdrawal – the payment is paid only by transfer to the customer’s account.
  2. High minimum age of the borrower – to apply for a payday in Manley you must have, among others, 21 years.
  3. Control in several debtors’ databases – uses such registers as BIK, KRD or ERIF.
  4. The possibility of taking a loan only for selected periods – Manley lends money to 5,10,15,20,25,30,40 or 45 days.

The opinion of the Willie about Manley

As we have already mentioned, Manley is a leading brand in our weekly ranking. Customers usually rate this offer for four stars, praising such items as the lack of unnecessary formalities or quick withdrawal of cash on account. In our opinion, the Manley offer is a very good loan offer, however, we could extend the slightly available repayment period (eg up to 60 days) by other companies. Customers would certainly be happy with this modification.

When to Apply for an SME Loan to Settle Other Debts Thu, 28 Mar 2019 15:45:18 +0000

As a business owner, you will know that there are expenses that undoubtedly must be made in order for a business to remain afloat. But by generating multiple debts and falling into over-indebtedness, which gradually limits the growth of your business, you can apply for an SME loan to liquidate all those you have acquired up to this moment.


Fontana is a financial product that allows you to transfer all past due balances of personal loans for financing specially designed for SMEs. With this you will finally obtain the adequate and necessary financing for a business.

So, when to apply?

So, when to apply?

You can apply for this SME credit to settle debts ranging from 100,000 to 800,000 pesos. The only thing we ask as a requirement is that your company has a minimum of 3 months of billing, your identification as the owner of the company or majority partner and have a credit history.

Why do you need to request it?

Why do you need to request it?

The moment you compare the financing you have given to your business vs. an SME credit, you realize that the offer is much better and more appropriate. Well, the amount is established according to the capital needs that a business requires. That is, the amount is greater and therefore you can solve various projects that you have prepared to boost your business.

On the other hand the interests of personal loans are around 70%, while with a loan for SMEs you would be paying half or less. What would allow you to save that money and invest it actively in your business.

What other benefits do you have?

What other benefits do you have?

1 # The right amount

Once you make the transfer, you are granted an amount appropriate to your ability to pay so that you use one part to pay your debts and the other to continue investing in your business. For example, you can hire more people, buy new machinery or open a new branch.

2 # A single debt

Your multiple debts and pending are concentrated in one, because you only have to worry about properly manage your SME credit. Here, you can support a payment plan to have more control over your financing and your business, so that your experience is positive.

3 # Greater liquidity and financial health

By paying off the due debts you can release your personal lines of credit and use them appropriately, generating greater liquidity. You would also be separating your personal finances from those of your business and achieve better financial health.

As you can realize it is very easy to identify at what time you can apply for an SME loan to settle your debts, but above all remember that the benefits are greater for both you and your business. Do not continue to limit the growth of your small or medium business and visit Fontana to find out how much you could save on interest payments by obtaining the appropriate financing.

50000 Euro loan – now starting at 434 Euro per month Tue, 12 Mar 2019 13:28:12 +0000

Would you like to borrow 50,000 Euros? Maybe buy a car or reschedule? Let us inform you impartially. Our goal is to guide you to the loan that suits you.

With only 5 minutes to read, they receive all relevant information. Possible loan, 50,000 euros is a lot of money, we present in loan examples with 120 months maturity. 10 years is a good choice to keep rates low, future proof and small.

50000 Euro Loan – Basics

50000 Euro Loan - Basics

Basically, $ 50,000 loan is a loan, like any other. Nevertheless, the approval is often not easy. For approval of loan, 50,000 euros are not a pappenstiel, always a sufficient loan rating must be proven. The higher the loan amount climbs, the harder the proof. Authentic advice is to always get well prepared for loan when you have higher loan.

An important prerequisite for finding the right loan offer is knowing your own loanworthiness. It is advisable to retrieve the free self-information of Private credit. Once a year, it does not cost anything to see your own data. Any errors in the Private credit can be detected accordingly in advance. Upon application, the Private credit deletes erroneous entries.

Loan, 50,000 euros – which term?

Loan, 50,000 euros - which term?

A large amount of loan loses its horror through small monthly installments. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to complete and repay $ 50000 loan in the maximum duration. The borrowing costs increase automatically through compound interest. Therefore, the faster a loan is repaid, the cheaper the costs.

50,000 euros is a sum that splits the question of the term. The better choice for possible loan offers and lower interest rates would be 84 months. Nevertheless, in this case, often the monthly installment would be “sewn on edge”. For a long-term contractual relationship, it would be the wrong signal. As a result, the right step would be to loan $ 50000 loan amount to finance 10 years.

Paying off small installments quickly – how does that work?

With a long term, the monthly installments remain smaller. In other words, they are still acceptable if the household has to pay other obligations. Nevertheless, modern loan conditions make it possible to pay off faster. It is important to pay special attention to the right to make special repayments at any time and in any amount.

This leaves open the possibility of shortening the runtime according to its own capabilities. The option is basically to finance the guarantee cheaper. Fixed rates are small. But, if the financial situation permits, it will be repaid in “seven miles of boots”. A compulsion is not behind it, but only the chance to save a lot of money in the long term.

loan example – Creditend request loan

loan example - Creditend request loan

A particularly good loan rating is expected from employees of the public service. Due to the secure job and the secure salary, 50000 Euro loan can be particularly favorable interest. With 120 months to run, Creditend offers dream loans to all qualified borrowers – to pay 4.44 percent APR.

Below the line, all customers pay back 514.64 euros per month. With 120 monthly payments, a total repayment for the loan balance of 61756.25 Euro is calculated. Less the net loan amount of 50000 Euro will be calculated in the following 11756,25 Euro loan costs. Although the interest rates are five digits, compared to other offers, a very favorable loan.

ABK loan – alternative for the public service

The alternative for 50000 euro loan with B-tariff comes from the general officials bank. It offers the loan for the loan-independent effective interest rate of 5.95 percent. All qualified borrowers pay back in monthly installments to 549.94 euros. Balanced would be 50000 euros loan, after all 10 years, through a total repayment of 65992.26 euros.

The bottom line is that each borrower will pay a total of 15992.26 euros in borrowing costs. At this price, the view on the loan costs of other providers could be worthwhile. After all, all banks honor a good loan rating. The B-tariff should sound not only good, but pay off for the borrower.

loan tip – loan-related interest rates

Banks, with public-sector employees, are generally considered to have a particularly good loan rating. loan-dependent interest takes into account the good reputation. In other words, loan for civil servants may be particularly low interest. Because, he is considered exceptionally safe.

Higher level officials are well advised to request various bids on the loan-based interest rate. The application for a loan comparison is initially not binding. When the Private credit is requested for condition query. The personal loan rating does not deteriorate.

Credit bankive – from 3.99 percent annual percentage rate

Credit bankive broadens its offer for loans, € 50,000 with a ten-year maturity. From 3.99 percent to 10.99 percent annual percentage rate can be granted. For people with exceptionally good loan rating, 50000 Euro loan for advertising costs only 3.99 percent effective. The monthly rate in this case is 504.30 euros.

Calculated on a 10-year term, this results in a total repayment of 60516 euros. The bottom line would be the borrowing costs of 10516 euros. But, always assuming an exceptionally good loan rating. For the majority of borrowers, the example applies according to Price Info Regulation. Two-thirds of the customers finance 50,000 euros of loan with a term of 120 months at 4.99 percent APR.

Thereafter, the monthly rate is calculated at 527.38 euros. That is, for the total repayment to the loan balance after 10 years, 63286.16 euros were paid. The bottom line is that it costs just $ 13,286.16. In comparison, even to the ABK loan, a very good value.

Conclusion – loan 50000 euros with long term

Compare worthwhile. With the loan, you can always buy the same value of goods, 50000 Euro net loan amount. Saved on the financing by the individually matching offer.

Finally, a tip. For 50,000 euros loan with a slightly lower loan rating, ask for extra loan. This offer also recommend intermediaries.


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Continue the Development of a Company with a Loan Fri, 01 Mar 2019 17:00:34 +0000

The development of a company is the continuous evolution that arises thanks to the efficient use of the resources with which a business has. But to be able to continue with this development and the results to remain favorable, a loan can be a great help. Well, regardless of the stage in which the business is located and the amount of resources it has, it is always necessary to have good capital that allows liquidity and to implement new strategies.

So you can continue with the development of your small or medium business, it is good that you can keep this option in mind. Well, seeing a loan as a tool beyond a debt, can lead to the implementation of the improvements your business requires for its development. That is, with it you can solve expenses, invest and increase the capital with which you account. But before continuing on how it is that this new resource really helps the development of a company, it is good that you know more about it.

How does a credit work?

How does a credit work?

A loan, financing or loan is the way in which a financial institution grants a person money under an agreement. It sets the amount they can give you, the interest you must pay and the time limit to be able to pay off the loan.

The amount they can offer depends on the amount you request and the analysis they perform on your financial status and what they can actually pay for. The term is also established under this same analysis, since according to your income they calculate how much time you need to be able to settle completely. As for the interests, each financier handles a different percentage, that is why there is the possibility that this is not fixed and can be adapted to each client. That is to say, some financial companies have been characterized by offering a better interest rate to those clients that show good payment behavior.

What are the credit options for the development of a company?

What are the credit options for the development of a company?

Today there are credits specifically for businesses that are adapted to the needs they present. That is to say, the offer they give for this is based on sufficient amounts and appropriate terms. That’s why when you approach a traditional bank or financing institutions you can find a very specific product. Usually you will find these under names like: SME Credit, Business Financing, Business Credit, among others.

But it is good to emphasize that each institution and bank designs its products in different ways. For example, traditional banking, which is more focused on large companies, requests requirements such as a minimum of 4 years operating and annual income that can be verified by more than 5 million. While a financial company can request a minimum of 3 months of billing and basic data. Which determines that for a small or medium business financial institutions are the best option to apply for a loan.

How can the loan help to continue with the development?

How can the loan help to continue with the development?

Once you know how credits and existing options work, we can begin to describe how it can really help the development of a business.

Cash Flow

The loan can be useful to support the expense and other expenses that your company’s cash flow generates. That is, it gives you a greater margin of capital to be able to face administrative payments, suppliers, etc. And so continue with the operations of your business and continue to see a retribution. For this point it is good that you follow a strategic plan in which you value the use you give to the money that has been granted. You can start by listing the income and expenses your business generates on a monthly basis to calculate how much you could ask an institution. Once you know this information and get your loan, you will know how much money to allocate to use on the cash flow and how much for some unforeseen event.


In order to focus development on growth, credit can function as an investment resource. That is to say, you can use it to be able to solve expenses that implies the need to realize strategies specifically to be able to improve your business or take it to a greater scale. For example, you can invest in better machinery, new distribution routes, more inventory, etc. Always keeping in mind that the use of credit will be in order to boost your business and meet the new goals that you have proposed. For this point it is good to have a defined plan about what you want to achieve and a budget. Well, already setting the latter you can have an approximate how much to apply to the bank or financial institution.

Now that you know how a loan can help the development of a business, you can request yours. Remember that you should thoroughly investigate the different offers that exist in the market. We recommend that you compare the amount, interest and term that they are willing to give you so that you can choose the most appropriate one.

Payday Loan: how it works, what it covers, how much it costs and reimbursement calculation Mon, 25 Feb 2019 14:05:45 +0000

 All useful information regarding Payday Loan insurance. Let’s find out how this insurance policy works and why it is advantageous to choose it when we request financing. So let’s see what the Payday Loan insurance covers and how much it costs. Finally, how to calculate the repayment based on the characteristics of the loan.

Payday Loan Insurance 2019: how does it work, is it mandatory?

A very important aspect related to Payday Loans 2019 is that of the insurance that can be stipulated at the time of the request. As you know, insurance is a contract that allows the customer who signs it to protect himself in case certain unpleasant events occur. The most common is, for example, that of the car, in which the insurance takes care of paying damages in the event of accidents. How does Payday Loan insurance work? Also in this case, by stipulating the insurance contract, the beneficiary of the loan will be protected in case of events due to which it is not possible to pay the repayment installments agreed upon by the fixed expiry date.

The customer obviously wants to avoid any kind of problem in payments, but at the same time the bank has every interest in minimizing the risk of insolvency. For this reason a characteristic of Payday Loans insurance is to be advantageous for both parties. It is no coincidence that the banks are the first to propose insurance policies linked to their loans. The first question that is good to answer is: is Payday Loan insurance mandatory? If you are wondering this the answer is absolutely no. Although many companies are particularly insistent on this subject it is good to clarify once and for all that the classic Payday Loan can be requested even without entering into an insurance contract. Does this mean that the cost of insurance is an unnecessary expense? Even this statement is wrong, since as we will see in the next paragraphs there are several reasons why it is convenient to ensure its financing.

As for the practical aspect and therefore how the loan insurance works, everything is very simple. At the time of requesting the loan, we are offered the possibility to take out an insurance policy, which can cover different types of risks. According to our personal data and the characteristics of our loan, the insurance premium will be defined, which we will have to pay. Thanks to the insurance on the loan as we have already said we will be protected in case of certain events. In particular, if due to one of the events specified in the insurance contract we were not able to complete the reimbursement, it will be the insurance company that makes the payment of the installments for us. Each company defines the type of reimbursement that will be made based on the event that occurs. For this reason, our recommendation is to carefully read all the points of the contract before signing, so as not to have unpleasant surprises later.

What does the loan insurance cover: reimbursement based on events

What does the loan insurance cover: reimbursement based on events

After seeing in general how the loan insurance works we can move on to analyze what covers this type of insurance policy. As we have already said, Payday Loan insurance comes into play if certain particularly unfortunate events occur which make it impossible for the client to complete the repayment. What events does Payday Loan insurance cover? The first event that is considered is the death of the beneficiary of the loan. In the event that the applicant has not insured his loan, the lender obviously can not afford to lose the capital invested. As a consequence, the heirs will be responsible for the residual debt. Thanks to the Payday Loan insurance, there will no longer be this danger. In the event of death, in fact, there will be no reimbursement calculation, since all the missing installments will be paid by the insurance company.

Another event that is covered by the loan insurance is the total and permanent invalidity of the applicant. In the tragic case in which the client remains 100% disabled he will be protected by the insurance company. In this case, in fact, the calculation of the reimbursement that will be made by the company is given by the sum of all the installments that are missing at the end of the term of the loan. On the contrary, the case is where the inability is not permanent but temporary. For example, if you are struggling with an illness or in the event of an accident, we will not have to worry about paying the repayment installments of our loan through personal insurance. In this case, however, the service offered to us by the insurance company does not consist of the payment of all the missing installments, but only of one part. The calculation of the reimbursement that will be made in our place will be the result of an analysis of the recovery time of our health condition. Usually the period covered by the insurance in the event of temporary disability is one year or two years at most.

Possible events that are usually covered by Payday Loan insurance are not exclusively about the health of the applicant. Another reason why it can be problematic to complete the reimbursement according to the set deadlines is the possible loss of work. Even in this case, although it is not a tragic event such as those considered so far, it may be advantageous to have taken out an insurance policy for our Payday Loan. For those who lose their jobs, the insurance company will pay the repayment installments until the client has found a new job, generally up to a maximum of one or two years. It is good to underline that the insurance will only be paid by installments in the event of involuntary unemployment : this means that if for any reason the customer himself is to resign, no refund will be made by the insurance company.

How much does the Payday Loan Insurance cost?

So we have seen how the Payday Loan insurance works and what it covers, with the events that are usually considered in the policy contract. At this point it is good to check how much it costs to see if it is convenient or not and therefore whether to pay this additional cost related to the loan. It is good to specify that it is not possible to determine a general cost to secure a Payday Loan, since the amount that will be required to protect us from any type of event will depend on many factors. Among these is the choice on our part of the events that we want to include in our policy. This is because for example there are insurance policies that exclusively consider the risks to the health of the beneficiary of the loan, and therefore we will choose whether or not to include the payment of installments in our place for example in the event of dismissal, based on what we consider this possibility “dangerous”.

It should however be said that in general the cost of insurance on a loan will not be absolutely negligible. This is because, as we have seen, the expense that must be faced by the insurance company in the event of death, disability or dismissal is a rather important expense, from which the company wants to protect itself. If considering the cost and the desire to save on the cost of financing you could choose not to pay Payday Loan insurance, we must also consider all the advantages we have described above. For this reason, before choosing is obviously good to take a look at the costs, but we must also consider how it could be useful to protect ourselves. What does the cost of insurance depend on? The parameters that determine the cost decisively are the duration of the loan and the age of the financed subject.

Obviously an older customer will pay a higher insurance premium than a younger one, as the cost will increase as the duration increases. Paradoxically, when the cost is a bit ‘higher, it is precisely the case in which it is advisable to secure your Payday Loan. This is because for a short-term loan and for small amounts insurance is not too important, since the risk is minimal. For loans with a five-year or ten-year duration, although the cost is higher, the risks are greater, and therefore an insurance contract may be required. Furthermore, we must consider that the cost of insurance is in some way financed. The insurance premium that we will have to pay will be spread over the entire duration of the loan, increasing the amount of the monthly repayment installments but without creating a major problem at the time of repayment.

Best Payday Loans 2019 with Insurance: who to contact to get them


To conclude our detailed analysis of the loan insurance, let’s see what are the best personal insurance loans available for this 2019. As we have already said, all credit institutions are a little bit to propose to insert an insurance policy associated with the our Payday Loan. This is because, thanks to insurance, the company is also protected. Among the major banks and financial institutions to which we can apply to receive a Payday Loan with insurance is Ultranix. We have spoken several times in our website about the convenience of the products offered by this company, which therefore offers us the possibility of adding insurance on our financing. To immediately know the costs of the insurance policy that will be offered to us just ask for a free quote online. In particular, by checking or removing the check from the insurance box, we can easily compare the two different cases and evaluate, on the basis of the cost, whether or not to secure the Ultranix loan.

Another credit institution that allows us to do the same thing through its website is Astrofinance. Astrofinance Payday Loans allow us to receive up to € 60,000, a very high sum of money. For this reason, even considering the duration that can go up to 96 months, it may be advantageous to add insurance on the loan. Also in this case just check the box relating to insurance and in a click you will be presented all offers and Payday Loan Astrofinance with the monthly payment which will obviously include the cost of the insurance premium.

Among the best banks in circulation, we point out then InDirect. Through the company’s website it is possible to proceed with the calculation of the online estimate for the Blue Loan. To do this, we will ask for the characteristics we are looking for for our financing, and therefore the amount and duration. Subsequently, once the profession has been specified, we will be asked to add the personal loan insurance offered by Axia. These are just some of the main companies that allow us to immediately evaluate all the costs related to our financing, without any surprises at the time of the request. As we have repeated several times it is good to carefully consider whether or not to include insurance on our Payday Loan, as if it is true that it represents an additional cost is equally true that it could somehow “save us” in case of events that obviously nobody wishes happen but from which it is good to protect yourself beforehand.



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How Much Can your Business Grow with a Loan? Fri, 22 Feb 2019 17:10:35 +0000

As the owner of your own company, we know that what you most want is to be able to fulfill all those goals that benefit your business in order to take it to success. That is why we want to let you know how much your business can grow with a loan, since it is not only about obtaining capital or certain money to pay for some expenses.

A loan can help you enough in all those projects that you have had in mind but that you can not carry out due to lack of money. But when you apply for a loan everything becomes more attainable, because if you give it the right management you can fulfill your goals.

Here we will tell you how your business can grow:

Raise production

Raise production

Commonly SMEs manage to reach a time when their production and sales have a stable and continuous flow. But at some point a new and better business opportunity may arise that will really make it go to the next level.

That is to say, a very important client may arrive who wishes to obtain a large quantity of your products or contract your services on a large scale. So this is where maybe, because you do not have enough infrastructure, you limit your business to that good opportunity. With a loan, you can really increase your production, acquiring either more machinery or personnel to help you accept these types of clients. You will see that the results will be reflected in your total income and profits.

To be able to expand

To be able to expand

Another dream that accompanies the road of entrepreneurship is that everyone knows you and asks for your services or products. But the only way to achieve this is by having a presence in strategic places according to your industry and what you offer. You can take the credit to expand your business to new places inside and outside the country.

That is, you can invest in the rental of premises, equip them and even carry out advertising strategies so that everyone knows that you exist in the market. Or if your dream is to set up an online store, in the same way you can achieve it with the help of financing, because you could contract your domain and buy a larger inventory to satisfy those customers online. In addition to this helps to increase sales, your presence will be greater and above all you will generate the opportunity to attract new customers and suppliers.

Offer new products or services

Offer new products or services

Another way to grow your business with a loan is to innovate. All those SMEs that are still standing have evolved and kept one step ahead of the competition, offering innovative products or services with a high quality. To achieve this, you can enlarge the supply of products you have, get new suppliers and continue at the forefront so that your customers continue to consume or even improve the processes you have to provide a better service.

How can you realize growing your business with a credit is possible, and especially if you want to do it on a large scale. Do not limit all the potential that your small or medium business has and request the appropriate loan. We recommend that you compare all the offers that exist in the market so that you can choose the one that suits you best to be able to carry out your projects.

How to Use a Loan to Expand an SME Sat, 16 Feb 2019 17:15:00 +0000

Many small and medium-sized businesses reach a point where their business becomes stable and really works. That’s why some entrepreneurs take the decision to expand their business to cover a larger number of customers and really grow. But the best way to take advantage of a business credit to expand an SME is by creating a strategic plan that allows you to fully visualize what you must do to achieve your goal.

This will make your project very well guided and raise the chances of it being a success. It will also help you to realize the expansion on a large scale and under an adequate standard of quality that your clients will notice.

Below we will tell you specifically in what you can use it and what you should include in your plan so that when you start the search for financing, it will be easier for you to choose the one that suits your company and what you want to do in it.

How can you use business credit to expand an SME?

How can you use business credit to expand an SME?

Open a new store

Opening a new store and equipping it properly is the most common way in which SMEs begin by expanding their business idea. If you want to start like this, you can use your loan to open a store in the place where you have already found a new market that also likes your products or services. This will not only help your presence but also help your brand to be reinforced and become known by more people.

Distribute to a larger territory

Maybe the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexpansion depending on your business and industry is to make your products or services reach even more people. That is why you can also use your business credit for the necessary thing that will make you reach the farthest corner of the country and also grow at an exponential level. Here your strategy and the use of financing should focus on the distribution and logistics model you need.

Hire more employee

Another situation in which you may find yourself may be that your business is working and growing at a good pace, but that you need a little more help. Here you can increase the liquidity of your business with the help of the loan, using it to pay for human capital expenses and for your financial health to remain stable.

Create new products

Another way in which we can talk about expansion is innovation or creation of new products and services. Being the vanguard and always offering the most appropriate for your customers, will make your business continue to survive but at the same time grow. Equally here you need an adequate amount of capital to be able to do this project, because the idea that arises from your creativity has to become real and materialize it.

Promote your business

A form not so visualized by the owners of small and medium-sized companies as an expansion strategy is promotion. Since it is thought that it is totally a marketing issue, even if it is, the result is fully reflected in the expansion. Well, when you invest in advertising or campaigns, the knowledge of your company reaches more people, generating a higher return on the expense you could make.

Strategic plan to take advantage of business credit

Strategic plan to take advantage of business credit

To begin to put together the plan that will make you take advantage of the business credit to expand a SME correctly, you should keep in mind that it is also necessary to include the specific management or use that you will give to the credit, in order to continue having a good liquidity and financial health in your SME.

Strategies for expansion

Strategies for expansion

Goal and objectives

Setting goals and objectives may sound like something very unnecessary since you have in mind why you are doing all your project. But we want to tell you that by writing them you will notice many details that you had not contemplated before. As the estimated time you have to finish it, for whom you are directing the strategy and for what purpose. But above all they serve to keep you motivated until you fulfill it.


It is extremely necessary that you establish a budget in which you include each of the things you need to acquire in order to expand your business. For example, if you open a store, write down how much the monthly rent costs, the permits you must process, the interior design, etc. Do not forget the least bit since having the correct number will allow you to evaluate which institution can offer you what you need.

Strategies for credit management

Strategies for credit management

Use according to the budget

We know that sometimes certain unforeseen situations arise that deviate a bit from what you had already established from the beginning. But it is important that you maintain the use of credit only for what you requested. That is, use the exact amount for each thing you had planned, because only then you will see that the credit will really have a good performance.

Payment plan

Many entrepreneurs have the correct solvency to handle credit payments without problems, but forget the payment date, which little by little generates interest arrears. Or in the same way, they do not prevent payment control both for normal business expenses and for credit, forgetting to allocate the fixed amount to liquidate the financing on time. That is why by including the plan in which you always have in mind your date and amount to pay will help you have a greater benefit.

Now that you know how to take advantage of a business credit to expand an SME and how to use it, you can continue to request one. We recommend that apart from the amount they can offer, compare interests, deadlines and the time it takes to grant it.

Mini Loan: the convenient postal loan in 2019 Mon, 03 Dec 2018 16:06:10 +0000 Benefits of the Special Cash Post Pay mini loan

Mini loans are one of the quickest and most practical methods for obtaining a small sum that can be allocated to particular projects or expenses. However, it is often difficult to obtain loans with a sum lower than 1000 euros. In fact, many financial institutions, including some banks, do not lend such small sums. What about if you need a mini loan? Who could you turn around to get it?

One of the options you might consider is to rely on Postal service Italy. Postal service Italy in fact makes available to its customers the possibility of requesting mini loans. The mini loans made available by Postal service Italy are various, there are in fact various types of mini loans characterized by different amounts that can be requested and different characteristics.

If you need a loan amount of less than 1000 euros, you may want to consider the Special Cash Post Pay mini loan. This is a mini loan that can be requested at any Post Office that will top up your Post Pay card or your Post Pay Evolution card.

But what is the Special Cash Post Pay loan? How can you request it? What are the requirements for obtaining this mini loan? And what are the terms of disbursement and reimbursement? Let’s analyze the characteristics of the Special Cash Post Pay.

Special Cash Post Pay Loan

The Special Cash Post Pay is the loan that goes to top up your Post Pay card or your Post Pay Evolution card with an amount ranging from a minimum of € 750 to a maximum of € 1500. The amount chosen will be paid directly on a Post Pay card of your choice and can be used in complete tranquility to make purchases, deal with unexpected expenses or even start small projects.

This mini loan has features that make it perfect for anyone looking for a small loan that is easy to request and convenient to repay. In fact, the Post Pay SpecialCash will be credited directly to the Post Pay card you choose. The repayment methods are varied, you can choose between three different repayment options. Moreover it is a fast loan, in a few days the amount you will request will be available on your card.

In addition it is a mini loan with flexible amount, three different top-up plans are available. These three floors are characterized by different amounts and obviously also by different durations up to a maximum of 24 months. A further advantage of this mini loan, and I assure you that it is an advantage not to be underestimated at all, is that it is a loan that can also be requested by those who do not have a paycheck but are still provided with a demonstrable income.

Features of the Special Cash Post Pay

Features of the Special Cash Post Pay

But what are the characteristics of the Special Cash Post Pay mini loan? Well, in part we have already mentioned some but let’s analyze them in detail in order to know the subject in a comprehensive way.

The main feature of this mini-loan is the fact that the loanable amount can be from a minimum of € 750 to a maximum of € 1500. It is one of the few loans that offer the possibility to request a sum below the 1000 euros. It is therefore a particularly practical solution for those who need a small amount to cope with certain situations or expenses.

Another feature of the SpecialCash mini loan is the possibility of being credited with the amount requested directly on the Post Pay card of your choice. Moreover, since this is a mini loan, waiting times are much shorter, in fact, after approval, you only have to wait a few days to get the required sum.

Another interesting element to take into account is the possibility of being able to apply for this mini loan even if you do not have a paycheck to present. It is obvious that this does not mean that the loan is also paid out to the unemployed, you will still have to show that you have a certain income if you want to get the sum requested. However, the mini loan Special Cash Post Pay is certainly a loan with very flexible and adaptable characteristics to different needs. As you will see by reading the rest of the article, this mini loan is also simple to request and provides an excellent rate of interest.

Requirements for requesting the mini loan

We have analyzed in brief the main characteristics of the postal mini loan Special Cash Post Pay, now let’s analyze the requirements to request this particular type of loan. First of all, the fundamental condition for requesting and obtaining this loan is the possession of a Post Pay card, which is normal or of the Evolution type. This is a fundamental condition because the amount you are going to request will be paid directly to the card in your possession. So, if you do not have one yet, apply for a Post Pay card.

Then there are other characteristics that the loan applicant must comply with. At the time of applying for the loan, you must have an age between 18 and 70 years. You will also need to be resident in Italy. The methods of applying for the Special Cash Post Pay loan are really simple and quite immediate. All you need to do is go to a post office and fill out a form to be delivered to the clerk at the counter. Together with the form you will need to present a precise documentation. Let’s see together what documents you will need:

  • Valid identity document
  • Health insurance card
  • Document attesting the applicant’s income

For foreign citizens, however, other documents are also provided, it is about:

  • Passport, to be presented in addition to the identity document
  • Residence card or residence permit valid
  • Document attesting residence in Italy for at least 12 months (if you work as an employee) or 36 months (if you work as self-employed)
  • Document attesting that you have worked with the same employer for at least 12 months

Please note that depending on your own characteristics, before approving the loan requested by you, you may be asked for additional documentation to be submitted compared to the one I have listed.

Amount and duration of the loan

Amount and duration of the loan

The Special Cash Post Pay mini-loan allows you to request an amount ranging from a minimum of 750 euros to a maximum of 1500 euros. The amount will obviously be decided by the borrower and, depending on the amount requested, will also have a different duration.

€ 750 15 months
€ 1000 20 months
€ 1500 24 months

In the table above you can easily see in detail the three types of loan SpecialCash. You will indeed have three different options. If you request a sum of € 750, you will reimburse the entire sum in 15 months. Instead requesting a higher sum, in this case we speak of € 1000 or € 1500, you will have the opportunity to repay the total amount in 20 or 24 months.

These are three excellent options that are well suited to different needs. Also remember that you can apply for the PostCredit mini-loan Post Pay all those who have a job, whether employed or self-employed, pensioners and even those who do not have the opportunity to present a paycheck. Obviously the unemployed can not apply because they do not have the right requirements. Since they can not prove that they have an income, they do not offer any kind of guarantee to the lender who can not therefore grant them any type of credit.

Loan provision procedure

The mini postal loan Special Cash Post Pay is one of the mini loans that provides a very simple and rather immediate delivery method. In fact, the entire sum requested by you will be paid directly on the Post Pay card, normal or Evolution, which you own. This method of delivery is particularly practical as it is quick and allows you to quickly get the full amount you have requested.

The amount of the loan will be credited through a top-up carried out by Postal service Italy on the Post Pay card that you have indicated in the request for a mini loan. This is an advantageous mini loan also because waiting times are extremely short, in fact, after a few days from the acceptance of the loan request, the entire sum will be credited. There will therefore not be long waits nor excessive and complicated bureaucratic procedures.

The time taken to assess the demand and disbursement of the loan are generally much lower than those which would be necessary for the approval of a normal personal loan. In addition, the loan management method is also particularly convenient and practical. In fact both the payment of the sum and the payment of the monthly installments can be done simply by using a Post Pay card.

Loan repayment procedure

Loan repayment procedure

What about the repayment arrangements of the SpecialCash mini loan? How cheap are the interest rates applied to this loan?

The repayment of the sum requested is made by the comfortable monthly installments of the fixed amount. The duration of the repayment will obviously depend on the amount you have borrowed. The higher the sum, the longer the repayment period will be. However you will have to repay the sum in up to 24 monthly fixed installments. The loan can be repaid using four different methods:

  • Through the payment of fixed installments directly charged to the postal current account
  • Through the payment of fixed installments directly debited to a bank account
  • Through the payment of fixed installments debited on Post Pay or Post Pay Evolution cards
  • Through the payment of postal bills that will be sent free to your home

You will then have the opportunity to choose between these different repayment methods. The debit on a bank account or postal account or on a Post Pay card will certainly be easier and faster. While, if you choose to pay the installments through postal slips, remember that the costs for the payment of the bills will be at your expense.

On the other hand, as regards the commissions of interest requested by Postal service Italy, these also vary according to the amount requested. For an amount of € 750 you will pay a commission of € 4.50 a month. For an amount of € 1000, you will pay a commission of € 6.00 per month; finally, for an amount of € 1500, you will pay a commission of € 9.00 per month. These expenses must then be added to the fixed costs set by the lender, in this case Postal service Italy.

Can I apply for a loan without a paycheck?

We have already mentioned in a previous paragraph that one of the most interesting features of the Special Cash Post Pay mini postal loan is the possibility of being able to request it even without presenting a paycheck. This mini loan is indeed very flexible, so it is also perfect for self-employed workers or pensioners who are not able to produce a valid paycheck.

But be careful not to confuse the lack of a paycheck to be presented with the lack of income. It is true that this mini loan can also be requested without presenting a paycheck, but this does not mean that it is a loan that can also be requested by those who do not have a job. In fact, the unemployed can not apply for the Special Cash Post Pay loan, precisely because they can not prove they have an income.

On the other hand, pensioners or self-employed workers with a certain monthly income, even if they do not have a paycheck to present, can apply for this loan. The requirement therefore to apply for the SpecialCash is not the presentation of the paycheck but the attestation of possessing an income.

Benefits of the Special Cash Post Pay mini loan

After examining in detail the characteristics of the Special Cash Post Pay mini postal loan, we can go on to summarize what are the main advantages of applying for this particular type of loan. First of all, the Mini loan SpecialCash will allow you to request a sum that goes from 750 euros to 1500 euros, it is small amounts that are usually granted rarely.

Furthermore, both the loan and repayment procedures are very advantageous and are particularly practical. In fact, the loan will be credited directly to the Post Pay in your possession that you indicate in the request form; also the reimbursement will happen through the payment of monthly fixed installments that you can pay in various ways.

Waiting times are much lower than any other personal loan; in fact, after approval of the loan request, only a few days will pass and you will already have the entire sum required on your Post Pay. The mini loan Special Cash Post Pay is therefore the ideal solution if you need a small amount to invest in your projects.

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