FDA destroys GHC312 720 unhealthy products in Bolgatanga


The GH¢312,720.15 worth of products that were disposed of, by open burning at a landfill site in Sherigu, an outskirts of Bolgatanga, included dietary supplements, household chemicals, plants, foodstuffs, pharmaceutical drugs and cosmetics.

Speaking to reporters after the exercise in Sherigu, FDA Regional Chief Sebastian Mawuli Hotor praised some pharmaceutical, chemical and supply store owners, who voluntarily cooperated with the organization to get rid of the “health threat”. products on the market.

He acknowledged their efforts in this direction, saying that they had not only consented to and cooperated with the exercise of the FDA’s mandate under the Public Health Act of 2012 (Act 851), but had helped to pay for the destruction of regulated products.

The regional chief warned the few wrongdoers who were still selling tainted, counterfeit and unregistered products to the unsuspecting public to avoid the act or risk legal action.

Mr. Hotor reminded the public that the FDA has a mandate to protect public health by ensuring the safety of the food supply, cosmetics and radiation-emitting products.

Stressing the need for the business community, especially wholesalers and retailers in the region, to partner with the FDA to ensure that people’s health is not compromised, he said: “Expired products are not good for consumption. We carry out this exercise from time to time because we want to rid the stores of unhealthy and expired products, and prevent the reintroduction of products on the market.

“In our office here in the region, we hit the markets three times a week, watching for expired, rusty and unhealthy produce; and get rid of them, confiscate them for disposal like this.

“We are targeting market days, and what we have confiscated is 70% of expired pharmaceuticals,” Hotor told reporters.

The regional head of the FDA, meanwhile, also urged the public to be meticulous when buying consumables from the markets, as some businessmen and women prioritized their profit margins over the health of the individual and flooding the market with unhealthy products.

He, however, urged area residents to check the expiration date and registration status of products before buying, to only purchase regulated products from licensed outlets, and also to report any person or entity company that sells expired, unregistered, and unhealthy products to the FDA to have the law take its course on them.


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