Famous Taqueria Nixtaco in Roseville hit by con artist caught on surveillance camera – CBS Sacramento


ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – A popular Roseville taqueria recently named by SFGate as serving the best tacos in all of Northern California has been targeted by a thief.

Only this thief was not after a meal, he was hungry for money fast. A surveillance camera captured him robbing the dear smoker from the restaurant, and he left a trail on social media for everyone to see.

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Nixtaco owner Patricio Wise posted photos from the surveillance video online.

“You feel a little violated like, ‘Yeah, you take it and now you have it, and there’s nothing we can do about it,'” Wise said.

Within 10 minutes of posting, Wise received a text from a fellow chef, who spotted the smoker for sale on Facebook Marketplace. The seller was someone whose Facebook profile picture resembles the suspect in the photo.

“I thought someone was going to call the cops and say ‘I know this guy,’ but no, he actually put the item up for sale,” Wise said.

The seller’s Facebook page says he is caring for two children.

“I’m thinking here, ‘Dude, you’re about to throw this whole thing away for over 400 bucks’, I mean you don’t even know what it’s worth, apparently. It’s just a bad situation, it’s is everything,” Wise said.

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Roseville police attempted to set up a sting to catch the crook.

“He never responded, then he marked the item as sold, he was selling it for $400, so I’m pretty sure he moved like that,” Wise said.

Roseville police spokesman Rob Baquera said investigators are still trying to locate the stolen property and are using the Facebook Marketplace post as an important lead.

“We want to make that connection, but of course we want to make sure we’re on the right track,” Baquera said.

In September, Nixtaco was named by SFGate.com as serving the best tacos in all of Northern California — an accolade that’s garnering plenty of attention from foodies, and at least in this case, a social media-sharing criminal.

“You post the wrong thing, you’re in big trouble. Obviously this guy did it, so it spreads really fast,” Wise said. “Once you post it, it never goes down .”

Wise says the smoker has very unique qualities that allowed him to identify it as their own.

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If caught, the suspect will face a grand theft charge.


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