Downtown Computer Donates CCTV System to Monitor Bentleyville | Around the region


Bentleyville founder Nathan Bentley announced Thursday that Downtown Computer has donated a sophisticated CCTV system to deter those who might view Bayfront Park’s extravagant “Tour of Lights” as a target for vandalism and theft in outside normal working hours.

“Almost every year, Bentleyville experiences setbacks ranging from vandalism to the theft of expensive supplies from storage buildings, and the culprits typically flee under cover of darkness,” Bentley said. “Thanks to the generosity of Downtown Computer, this will no longer be the case. The equipment and expertise they donated will allow us to monitor every nook and cranny of Bentleyville.

Downtown Computer owner Nicholas Mancini said his team studied Bentleyville’s large, unique footprint before determining that the best solution would be what’s called a campus-wide CCTV system, with cameras in elevated areas, recorders, surveillance management systems and other technologies that can be remotely controlled. accessible 24/7.

“Bentleyville is a vacation tradition for hundreds of thousands of people, including many of us at Downtown Computer, and a few bad apples shouldn’t jeopardize all that vacation fun,” Mancini said. “We are delighted to be able to offer some security and peace of mind for this great event.

The 2021 Bentleyville Lights Tour opens with Santa’s Parachute Jump in Bayfront Park at 4:55 p.m. on Saturday, November 20 and continues nightly through December 27. Free entry. After COVID-19 precautions limited Bentleyville only to driving pleasure in 2020, the Tour of Lights in 2021 returned to its popular passing format.


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