Dalmatian firefighters receive monitoring equipment as summer approaches


May 14, 2022 – Dalmatian firefighters have gotten their hands on brand new, much-loved gear as the peak of the summer season is fast approaching and temperatures are soaring, often leading to forest fires.

As Morski writes, the county of Split-Dalmatia recently handed over new communication and surveillance equipment to Dalmatian firefighters, and the equipment was purchased within the framework of an Italian-Croatian cross-border project, financed by the Fund European regional development. The total value of the project is 316,000 euros.

The value of the equipment delivered to Dalmatian firefighters costs 307,000 kuna, and among the most interesting parts of the new delivered package was an innovative software platform that integrates institutional and local sources and also takes into account threat data fire incidents posted on social media.

”The platform takes data that has been publicly posted on social media and filters it using artificial intelligence and sends it directly to emergency services so they can better assess the threat and respond appropriately. appropriate,” explained Ognjen Cavar, the project manager.

In addition to constantly equipping Dalmatian firefighters, for which the Split-Dalmatia county uses European Union funds more than others, new fire stations are being built on the islands and in the hinterland, as reported by HRT.

”As a crowning achievement to all of this, we are working on a new training center in Vucevica which will be of exceptional value as it will not only benefit Dalmatian firefighters but also those in a much wider area and even in the rest from the southeast. Europe”, underlined Blazenko Boban, prefect of the county of Split-Dalmatia.

When it comes to the summer tourist season, when most fires break out and can cause massive damage, firefighters are as ready for trouble as possible.

”So far we have had more than two thousand interventions, some of them being fires, others being technical interventions. We work all year round and of course we are ready for what can happen this summer,” said Ivan Kovacevic.

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